The Good Stranger

Although Kate was the daughter of a US senator, she had no interest in politics. She left her old job and her boyfriend to be a national news correspondent in New York. So, imagine her disappointment when she had to cover politics in her new job in Manhattan. To add to her misery, her boyfriend broke up with her soon after her move. Just when she was on the verge of embracing regret as her primary emotion, destiny intervened. Someone started leaving thoughtful gifts for strangers throughout the city.

When Corona met a Real Human!

Corona took my job and, with that, all my hopes for a better future for my family. Just when I was confident that my daughter would have a future in a better school, corona crushed my and my daughter’s dreams. My wife was not in favor of my decision to enroll our daughter, Sheena, to one of the most prestigious colleges in Delhi. In her backward opinion, girls should focus on cooking, cleaning, and other household chores. I had put my foot down.

Animal Killer – A Novel by B.Lee Baker

In his debut novel, Animal Killer, B. Lee Baker makes a powerful case for treating animals with kindness as they, too, are God’s creations. Lou Pastor (or Louie) hunted animals passionately. He considered hunting as nothing more than a sport. Consequently, his incredible hunting skills earned him the nickname Animal Killer. In a tragic and…

Paint the Canvas of Life

Many have tried to capture the essence of life within the boundaries of words. The problem with the life is that its scope is too vast and the concept way too subjective. Some define a life by success, others by one’s attempts at success. A few people swear that a life can only be enjoyed…

A Failed Plan for Redemption – A Fiction #FridayReflection

Chapter.1. A Shocking News “The Top 100” program, as the name suggests, broadcasts the top 100 headlines of New Delhi every day at 4 PM  on news channel The Daily Headlines. Everybody knows that not every 100 headlines are, actually, “headlines.” Last ones are always the fillers, which are reported only to make the name of the program credible….