Paint the Canvas of Life

Many have tried to capture the essence of life within the boundaries of words. The problem with the life is that its scope is too vast and the concept way too subjective. Some define a life by success, others by one’s attempts at success. A few people swear that a life can only be enjoyed if you have money; whereas, philosophers, poets, and other creative people believe in measuring a life by one’s creativity. Some say that a life is incomplete if you haven’t loved someone; however, a few others claim that love has nothing to do with a life. In fact, they believe love to be an obstacle in the way of a successful life. Without commenting on definitions of others, let me go ahead and call a life a blank canvas. This is not a new definition; in fact, it’s a very common one. Nonetheless, I find it to be the aptest one.

I believe that a life is like a blank canvas that we are born with. Our each activity and emotion splash a particular color on this canvas. An act of humanity paints it with bright soothing color, and an unkind act leaves a stroke of eye-hurting color. The negative emotions, such as jealousy, anger, and arrogance, fall under the same category as that of uncompassionate actions; therefore, these, too, leave awful color on the canvas. Similarly, the positive emotions paint the canvas with rich colors. If we believe in this theory, what do you think your canvas of life would look like, at present? On analyzing my life, as far back as I can remember, I believe that my actions and emotions have left my canvas looking like this:


Not a pretty sight, eh? The colors that are hurting the eyes are mostly due to the negative emotions that have so far dominated the canvas of my life. Now, that I have seen my canvas, I have a chance to start over. I would strive every day to beautify this canvas. The best part of the canvas of life is that it gives a plenty of opportunities to start over. You only need to realize the ugliness of your life and begin painting it with new colors. The choice is entirely in your hands.

If you painted the canvas of your life, today, then how would it look like? Try your hand at painting it — I am sure, your painting can’t be worse than mine. Now, compare it with the one that you would have considered pretty. What is creating ugliness in your canvas, today? Analyze and work hard at fixing it. I know I am going to beautify my canvas. Good luck!

P.S. This post is in response to the daily prompt:Blank

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  1. happysoul5 says:

    “The best part of the canvas of life is that it gives a plenty of opportunities to start over. ”

    This article is written in such a beautiful way. 🙂

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