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If you are seeking a book review or a beta reader for your book, please scroll down for details.I understand the value of honest feedback during and after writing a book. Your work of immense labor deserves nothing but the best. Having worked with numerous authors and book-reviewing websites, I have both the experience and insight to help the budding stars of the Literary Industry.

Beta Reader

As a Beta Reader, I will help you with detailed insight into the following aspects: Character development, Pace, Scenes to be removed, or expanded. For now, I offer this service for fiction novels written in the English language. If you choose the base pack, I will read the manuscript one time and provide my feedback. Opting for the premium pack would provide you with three re-reads.

Beta Reader – Base Pack

Feedback based on a one-time reading of the manuscript. After making the payment, please email the confirmation invoice and manuscript to If you face any issue during payment, please write to me.


Beta Reader – Premium Pack

Up to 3 Re-Reads. After making the payment, please email the confirmation invoice and manuscript to If you face any issue during payment, please write to me.


Book Review

All genres of Fiction, except erotica, are accepted. In Non-Fiction, Biography, Autobiography, and Memoirs are accepted. If your book falls outside of these categories, please do not submit for a book review. Once you make the payment and email a digital copy of your book, please give me up to 24 hours to send you a confirmation. It would take 12-15 days for the review to be published on my blog. Afterward, I will post the review on Amazon and spread the word about the book on Twitter and Instagram. Furthermore, the book review would be automatically shared to my Facebook page and LinkedIn account. Other than these platforms, if you wish for the review to be submitted elsewhere, I’ll be happy to incorporate that too. Payment for the service does not influence my opinion. It only assures that you will receive honest feedback. If for any reason, I do not like the book, I would refund the money and not post the review publically. I do not post negative reviews. I only offer an in-depth analysis of the book in my reviews and leave the rest to the wisdom of the readers.

Book Review

After making the payment, please email a copy of your book along with the payment confirmation to . If you face any issue during payment, please write to me.



These are free services. You can either opt for a written or a video interview service. If you are interested in writing Guest Post on Mojito with a Twist, please ensure those are well-written, proofread, and related to Books or Short Stories. Please fill in your details and wait for my confirmation. Usually, it doesn’t take more than 24 hours for me to acknowledge any email.

What do the authors say?

“Ankita is a wonderful and professional reviewer who provides in depth and meaningful feedback. I have a lot of respect for her craft and carefully considered reviews . I’d highly recommend her to other authors .– Gill D Anderson – Author of Chosen 7 & Melita

Gill D Anderson Gill D Anderson, the Author

“Working with Ankita was a pleasure as well as fun. She really enjoys what she does and this is evident in her quality of work and dealing with her. She was timely and professional with everything she did, and she even took the extra steps to create a thoughtful, engaging interview regarding my novel and…

Neal Cassidy Neal Cassidy, the author

“Very nice review. Ankita understood what I was trying to convey. The parallels in regard to today’s gender concerns apparently struck a cord. I know it’s a simple story about good vs evil, but I wanted Ankita and other readers to be able to look beneath the surface of the story. She does this in…

Michael Kasenow

“I love this beautifully written review from Ankita Shukla. She summarized the book superbly, giving just enough to tease readers without spoilers. I felt like she really ‘got’ the book too, the characters, their complex relationship, the central themes, the emotional introspection. Her reader experience was very well articulated. This will be a great review…

Jacqueline Simon Gunn

“Hi Ankita, thank you for taking the time to read and review my book. I am, of course, always pleased to know when someone has enjoyed my writing. I am also pleased with all the specifics you were able to offer in your review, beginning with your well thought out summary. This inclusion in your…

Lucky Stevens

“Thank you so much for reviewing my book. I thought it was wonderful that you picked out the best bits and made sense of what the book is about for new readers. I loved your choice of words – especially the final sentence ‘a phenomenal narrator’ . As a reader, I thought that the two-paragraph…

Samantha Henthorn

“This is a wonderful, exceptionally well-written review which shows a profound understanding of the story as well as its heroine and the dilemma she must resolve. In particular I appreciate the descriptiveness of the last two sentences. I am very grateful to this reviewer. Thank you, Ankita! – Elena Douglas, the author of Shadow of…

Elena Douglas

“Thank you Ankita Shukla for your honest, well- written review. I was pleasantly surprised to see it was ready sooner than I expected. – Darlene Williams, the author of Guarding Angel

Darlene Williams

“I really appreciate that the reviewer doesn’t just cover the setup of the book but also comments on the writing style and aspects of the book they enjoyed or were frustrated by. Obviously, I also appreciate the kind words! With regards to the cast confusion, I 100% understand and agree. I did my best to…

Chris Tullbane

“Ankita thoroughly understood the story I was trying tell and eloquently captured it in her review of my book. She was quick in her read, thorough in her review, and expressed the essence of the story in a couple short paragraphs. Her phrase that my book is a “tapestry of immense emotions” was important to…

John D Hughes

“Ankita Shukla is a superb reviewer. Ankita was able to pick up on details both large and small, recognized the greater themes as work, and expressed the layered quality of the book without giving to much material away. Ankita expressed her personal views about my book, Issaura’s Claws, in ways that fellow readers can appreciate…

Katharine Wibell

“Wow. This review left me speechless. Of course it makes me happy to see that the reviewer loved the book, but the detail she uses to describe what exactly she liked is what sets this review apart. I’m so pleased that I can use it to help others decide to read my book. Exceptional job….

Kathleen Shoop

“Very grateful for such a wonderful review. It is hard to know how a book that you have labored over will be received. I feel I can hold my head high with this review. It gave appreciation where I never expected. – C.G. Abbot, The author of The Society (Elizabeth Grant Thrillers Book 1)

C.G. Abbot

“The reviewer did an extensive and thorough review of the book pointing out the important themes and the plot points. I appreciate the time and effort she put into writing this amazing review. – Deanna Lynn Sletten, the author of The Women of Great Heron

Deanna Lynn Sletten

“Ankita has proven to be professional and timely with her reviews, and her words are balanced and unbiased. Unlike a lot of reviewers I have come across, Ankita is passionate about the books she reads and her detailed critique shows she has invested herself deeply in an authors work. I highly recommend her to all…

Chris Wright

“Working with Ankita was a wonderful experience. She was clear about what to expect and provided the review in a timely manner. The amount of promotion and places she posted is also great for an author wanting to get exposure. The best part was the review itself, which was so much more than the standard ‘plot…

Natalie Hanson

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