Lucky Stevens

Hi Ankita, thank you for taking the time to read and review my book. I am, of course, always pleased to know when someone has enjoyed my writing. I am also pleased with all the specifics you were able to offer in your review, beginning with your well thought out summary. This inclusion in your review allows me to confirm that my plot was clearly laid out. It also gives me the opportunity to hear insight on how others interpret the major ideas and themes within my book. This is valuable information for me, as the writer. Your use of language also goes a long way toward my understanding of the emotional impact that my book may be having–a sort of barometer of how emotionally I am involving my readers. Your feedback has confirmed, for me, that my book and my writing really hit home; that the book was, at times, “gut-wrenching,” generally upbeat in it’s handling of an “extremely sensitive topic,” and contains characters that really resonated with you. It made me really feel good that you believed I handled challenging issues with “delightful” and “witty banter,” while offering “thought-provoking debates on fascinating subjects.” It’s great to know that I succeeded in this area because that’s exactly what I set out to do–explore difficult subject matter with realism, humor, and without being too dark. Thank you again, Ankita, for all of your insight, time and attention. 

– Lucky Stevens, the author of The Duplex: Can They Fool A Whole City?