Movie Review – Alice Through the Looking Glass

Lewis Carroll would not be happy to see the entire plot of his book changed in the movie with the same name. If you have watched the first part of the movie and read the book, then you must be aware of how Alice-movies roll. The plot is changed and only the dreaming habit of Alice is kept intact. The hatter was in a gloomy mood for more than half of the movie. The plot goes like this:

Alice has become the captain of her father’s ship. She has been traveling for a long time, but when she returns, she faces Hamish — yeah, the guy whose proposal she had turned down in first part. His dad has died, and now Alice must follow his “suggestion” of giving up the ship or lose her house. When she comes to know that her mother had given up their shares to Hamish, she runs off and locks herself into a room. In that room, she looks into a mirror and travels to the Wonderland for one more time. Here, she receives the news that Hatter is not well. She meets the Hatter who tells her that he believes that his family is still alive. Now, he seeks Alice’s help in proving this theory. She must travel in his past or risk losing the hatter forever.

As a viewer, I like to see a lot of special effects, if I am watching a 3D movie. Unfortunately, there was no scene that could produce goosebumps. The dialogues, however, were quite humorous and clever. The conversation of “Time” with hatter and his friends at the tea party was really funny. Even if you are not going to watch the movie, you must watch that particular scene. That, really, was hilarious. The first half and 70% of the second half was very well written. Nevertheless, the climax seemed to be dragging forever.

The essence of “Alice” books has been the pun of its characters. I missed it in the movie. Rather than a serious interpretation of the book, I would have loved the fun and hilarious interpretation, as the author had intended. I can’t complain much because I had not liked the book version of this movie as much as I had adored the first part of the book. Still, I had enjoyed both the books more than their respective movies. The major focus of the books remained light-heartedness; on the contrary, the central theme of both the movies remained on the darker side.

All said and done, I would recommend the audience to wait to watch this movie until it becomes available on Netflix.

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