Need of the Hour: Grains of Commonsense

With an advent of PR and social media marketing, separating right from wrong has become more tedious task than ever. I see images of models flaunting crop tops, and it takes all the strength residing inside of me to realize these are not practical for me. Not that I can’t wear these, but I must consider my surrounding before kneeling to my temptation. I am not from the stone age, but my head tells me that stuffing my wardrobe with these amazing tops wouldn’t help me. I spend 5 days of one week in office, so my professional attire needs more attention than the casual one. Moreover, I seek independence and not knowing how to drive forces me to commute by cabs and metros. I know that I wouldn’t feel very comfortable strutting down the roads, which are filled with all sort of eyes, dressed in a crop top. You see, my common sense helped me in making a tough but practical decision. Of course, I have a few crops in my wardrobe, but I flaunt these only when my destination and mode of transportation are appropriate. While we are on the topic of crop tops, I must vent my frustration that these days all the brands are spending all their energy in keeping up with the trend of crop tops, and I am stuck with very limited options. Sigh!

Coming back to the topic of common-sense, a video of Amir Khan went viral a few months back, and most of the viewers — and I daresay non-viewers, too — pounced on his “intolerance comment.” They began polluting his image by doubting his love for the country. I wonder how many of those maniacs actually went through the trouble of listening his full interview. A few twisted fellows read into his remark and began demanding his removal from the country, and lazy bones began promoting their baseless condemnations. All his previous praiseworthy work was being trashed by the stupidity of a few, and the sad part is that he was removed from one very important campaign because of the flawed judgement of a few. If only, a little bit of common-sense was used while watching his interview. I am appalled and disturbed by this unreasonable reaction of my fellow country-people. Intolerance has increased and it keeps on elevating with full force. People, who consider this statement an attack at their favorite political leader, need a reality check. It has nothing to do with any politicians. Intolerance has increased in our own actions and no leader can help in eliminating it. We need to dig deep and throw this disease out. Sometimes, it is necessary to stand tall against the wrong, but, again, when to stand and when to let go can only be decided with a little help of grains of common-sense.

Common-sense can’t be taught anybody; this is the major problem. If it could be taught then half the conflicts would subside. We have the right of speech; therefore, it’s our own duty to check our words before blurting them out. Take your own decisions based on your own wisdom. Stop being followers. If we are to behave like a herd of sheep, then why bother thinking at all? Fortunately, we are not sheep; we are humans with a functional brain and a working heart. Use your sense, combine a little humanity in it, and voilà, we have found our way back to a sensible world! A world that cares for the living and does not make rash decisions influenced by the common opinion.

P.S. This post is in response to the daily prompt: Grain

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  1. Snowbrush says:

    I would suggest that logic would be preferable to common sense because the former goes deeper, whereas the latter relies too much on initial appearances.

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