Animal Killer – A Novel by B.Lee Baker

In his debut novel, Animal Killer, B. Lee Baker makes a powerful case for treating animals with kindness as they, too, are God’s creations. Lou Pastor (or Louie) hunted animals passionately. He considered hunting as nothing more than a sport. Consequently, his incredible hunting skills earned him the nickname Animal Killer. In a tragic and ironic turn of events, he died on one of these hunting trips. As his body laid next to a buck that he had just killed, his soul began an ascension towards the unknown. Subsequently, he found himself in a grand place in front of Karma and the other eleven deciders. When Saint Francis, the Patron Saint of animals and one of the deciders, pointed out his brutality against animals, Louie felt cornered. In his eye, he had done nothing wrong.

He defended his brutal actions in a brilliant debate, yet he could not convince anyone. His failure decided his fate. He was thrown in a place where animals would not be denied justice. In this hell, he would die several deaths that would leave deep wounds in his soul. Even so, he would not go down without a fight. In his viewpoint, he hadn’t done anything wrong by killing animals, and certainly, Karma had made a mistake. Therefore, he was not going to surrender to a bunch of animals who were on a killing spree.

In Louie, the readers would find the attributes of a perfect ignorant animal killer. When an animal rights activist, Sandy, condemned him for his brutality against animals, instead of realizing his inhuman actions, he planned his vengeance by killing more. His vengeful ways did not disappear miraculously even after his death. When Karma and the deciders chastised him, he did not atone. By attending church, loving his family and friends, and believing in God, Louie assumed himself worthy of heaven. Undoubtedly, B.Lee Baker has left no stone unturned in creating the character of Louie.

The conversations are absolutely delightful. The contrasting concept of the co-existence of free will and fate has been very skillfully utilized in one such instance. It is evident that the subject is very close to the author’s heart. B.Lee Baker has used brilliant religious views to bring home the significance of exhibiting kindness to the animals. The plot of Animal Killer incorporates profound wisdom, gruesome action, and a never-ending (up until the climax) intrigue. The story enchants the audience with Louie’s never-quit attitude in a deadly and mysterious setting. Yet, Animal Killer – A Novel by B.Lee Baker never loses sight of the importance of developing empathy towards animals. I recommend the book to both animal lovers and haters. In fact, Animal Killer – A Novel by B.Lee Baker is a fabulous story to indulge in a healthy discussion of loving each creation of God.

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