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Guarding Angel by Darlene A. Williams has been reviewed by me for Reader’s Favorite.

Angela (lovingly called by the name Angel) lost her father when she was only one year old. Her mother, Margret, never made peace with his untimely demise. She was keen on contacting his soul; however, instead of her husband, unbeknownst to her, she invited something sinister into her house. Unaware of Margret’s attempts at witchcraft, Angel and her grandmother could not comprehend Margret’s violent mood swings. In those moments, Margret would thrash Angel around and then beat her some more if Angel’s blood would spill on the floor. Seven-years-old Angel, who only wished for her mother’s love, lived in constant fear of her mother’s mood. Her sole protector was her grandmother, and even she could not be with her 24*7. Guarding Angel by Darlene A. Williams warns against the unsupervised practice of witchcraft by narrating an engaging fiction.

Angel’s fear of her mother was contagious. Just one scene of Angel’s horrific beating instilled Margret’s terror deep in my heart. Margret is an unpredictable character whose mood changes in a blink. There was one scene where she treated her daughter like an animal, which left me feeling resentful toward her. Yet, the horror of a supernatural/paranormal presence did not grip me up until the very last few chapters. That worked very well for my fragile heart. Angel’s grandmother (Margret’s mom) has played a very significant role in planting the seed of faith in her heart. Darlene A. Williams managed to develop sympathy for Angel by conveying her innocent dreams, hopes, and craving for her mother’s love. She got those moments of affection from Margret, but those moments always ended too soon.

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The mysterious second floor, where Margret did not allow anyone to enter, created intriguing suspense. The author had hinted at the witchcraft, but the actual ongoing remained a surprise for a long time. Faith in God is another hard-to-miss element of Guarding Angel. A mild horror gradually transformed into scenes that produced goosebumps. Marget’s violence created a darkness that dominated the overall tone of the book. Guarding Angel by Darlene A. Williams is a must-read for supernatural fiction lovers.

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