The Basilwade Chronicles by Dawn Knox

The Basilwade Chronicles by Dawn Knox has been reviewed by me for Reader’s Favorite.

What a stress buster The Basilwade Chronicles by Dawn Knox has been! The hilarious ride began with Derek going to a speed dating event. Soon, his tactless remarks to the ladies’ appearances signaled that he would not find any date. And yet, he managed to share his bus ride to the town with a very reluctant Mary Wilson. Meanwhile, Mary Wilson wanted to get her mother off her dating case. She surmised she could introduce Derek to her mother, which would be enough to distract her. Nevertheless, she did not want her mother to start referring to Derek as Mary’s intended or fiance. Oblivious to the meaning of the expression, she introduced Derek as a “friend with benefits.” Obviously, the result was a hoot.

The characters of The Basilwade Chronicles by Dawn Knox range from goofy to self-absorbed people of a small town. They blurt out words without thinking and act on impulse. Indeed, these attributes add to the comedy of the plot. Although each one of them is amusing, Mrs. McSquirtle was the champion of them all. For her dose of “medicinal brandy,” she would do just about anything. Subsequently, she would slur her words and lose track of everything. The residents of the Willows Retirement Home were another priceless contributor to the hysterical plot. Indeed, Dawn Knox is an excellent storyteller. From the side-splitting conversations to the comical events, she has tickled just the right bone. The Basilwade Chronicles by Dawn Knox is a perfect book to unwind after a stressful day.

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