To Dream Is To Die by Sarah Lampkin #BookReview

Reviewed by me for Reader’s Favorite.

To Dream Is To Die (The Dead Dreamer Series) by Sarah Lampkin is a supernatural fiction that follows Brenna, who calls herself dead. Ever since Brenna met with an accident, her life hasn’t been the same. The moment she goes to sleep, she leaves her body and enters the Fade. A fade is a place where spirits, fairies, demons, etc. roam freely. As she is a freshman in college, she feels she has a chance to turn over a new leaf: make friends, leave behind the craziness, and explore the new place.

Well, not everything ever goes according to the plan; does it? She makes new friends (Damon and Aeria), but she is having a hard time trusting them. To add to the evergrowing list of her concerns, something about this college does not seem right. During her wanderings in the Fade, she cannot help but notice sealed demon doors and the troubled screeching voices in her head. Moreover, there is someone who knows about her secret, and that fact alone is more consequential than any other complication.

Female characters in To Dream Is To Die are no damsels in distress. They are all empowered girls who do not like asking for help. Brenna has a lot on her plate, yet she doesn’t start looking for her Prince Charming to solve her issues. Instead, she contemplates her options and shares her thoughts with her friend, Aeria. Brenna has a crush on a boy, but she does not go gaga over impressing the guy; she ignores him as if her life depends on it. Furthermore, the bickering of Damon and Brenna are quite amusing.

Indeed, all the conversations have an undeniable depth to them. Sarah Lampkin’s storytelling is a mixed combination of intrigue and lightheartedness. The plot promises to enthrall you, but at the same time doesn’t overwhelm the readers with grief, pain, and emotional drama. Action, suspense, light comedy, romance (just a little bit), horror (again, just a hint of it), and a lot of supernatural mystery define the plot of this fascinating book. Unquestionably, To Dream Is To Die (The Dead Dreamer Series) by Sarah Lampkin would grab your attention and would not release you until the very last page.

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  1. heidislo says:

    Sounds like a really interesting read.

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