The Chosen Seven by Gill D. Anderson

When Farzad Abed entered Alessandro’s Cucina with a gun, six very different people found themselves in the same fatal predicament. Up until this moment, they had been going through regular life problems. However, when Farzad shot a woman without so much as blinking his eyes, none of that mattered. Jack forgot about his parents being difficult. Regina could not care less that her date did not show up. Jagriti’s reluctance toward marrying against her wishes seemed inconsequential. Levi could no longer feel disgusted towards her rude boss. Now, Bill lost his lust for Levi. Even Paul’s heartbreak over the sudden separation from his wife was insignificant. Each one of them focused solely on their survival instincts. The Chosen Seven by Gill D. Anderson is a nail-biting thriller of the struggle between these hostages, their captor, and human emotions.

The tapestry of emotions in The Chosen Seven is fascinating. The characters are not mere hostages; they have a life that produces compassion, empathy, disgust, and a range of other emotions. Undoubtedly, Gill D. Anderson has invested time and sincerity in creating each one of them. Farzad’s incoherent thoughts and violent past humanized him. As a result, he did not appear to be just a monster. Despite being a murderer, even he managed to gain some amount of sympathy. Indeed, that is the beauty of the author’s heartfelt narration. In fact, Gill D. Anderson even generated empathy for the entire police force; in the public eye, they are never right.

The Chosen Seven is a thriller, but at the same time, it focuses on human values. Paul’s wife leaves him to chase a much younger boy. She did not know that the cost of her infidelity could be disastrous. In the same way, all his life, Jack focused only on his body. Later, he realized there is more to life than just fitness. Likewise, Jagriti’s father could not bear the thought of letting her follow her dreams. After Jagriti became a hostage, he knew his control was not more valuable than Jagriti’s life. Gill D. Anderson is an excellent storyteller who knows how to keep the readers on the edge of their seats. Surely, The Chosen Seven would leave you enthralled, surprised, and transformed. To summarize, with the beautiful blend of suspense, action, human psychology, family drama, The Chosen Seven by Gill D. Anderson is the perfect thriller to read.

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