Hair in All the Wrong Places by Andrew Buckley #BookReview

Reviewed by me for Reader’s Favorite.

Hair in All the Wrong Places by Andrew Buckley is more than just another book on werewolves. Colin Strauss has been moving around from one relative’s place to another. His parents did not wish to take the responsibility of raising their boy. Finally, at the age of thirteen, his cranky old grandmother had to take him in. She could not see, yet she always commented on Colin’s appearance and sat in front of the television. Just when Colin thought he had enough problems with his annoying grandmother, bullying classmates, and a hopeless crush on Becca, a werewolf bit him. And the next day, he got to know that a wild animal attacked and killed one of his bullies. Since Colin could not remember much of the details of the previous night, he wondered if he killed the bully.

The light comedy in Hair in All the Wrong Places is refreshing. The conversations flow like ping pong in the sense that the dialogues seem spontaneous and engaging. The plot quickly establishes a connection between the readers and Colin. With just the enough dose of mystery, the readers remain at the edge of their seats. Andrew Buckley, the marvelous storyteller, has used just the right words and the perfect pace to tell the story of a teenage werewolf. The action scenes are not gruesome at all. Hair in All the Wrong Places by Andrew Buckley combines teenage drama, humorous conversation with an engaging plot.

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