Fall of the Raven by Thymournia

If pain could reveal the depth of its intensity, the words would match very closely with Fall of the Raven by Thymournia. Raven is the center of this photo-book. Each black and white picture inspires ever-consuming loneliness, and each pain-infused passage produces a detachment from the world. In the beginning, the heart of the narrator has a spec of hope in his heart. Although he doesn’t get the results that he hoped for, he still yearns for a better place. With each turning of the chapters, he stops believing. He has lost someone he loved, he has suffered enough, and he begins waiting for death. He feels the world crashing around him, and his only connection to the world is raven. His bleeding heart is evident in every word. And the photographs succeed in conveying the darkness that his heart feels. The soul-crushing words are powerful enough to connect with the readers.

The poetic writing doesn’t seem to follow the popular norms of poems, yet one cannot deny the rhythm that the narration produces. Thymournia has reached to the depths of a grieving heart and brought out all of its emotions. The words seamlessly transport the readers to the abyss of despair. Every phenomenon reminds the narrator of his wounds; he doesn’t find happiness even in rain and sun. For him, the world has turned dark and is devoid of hope and dreams. The narration reflects endless sorrow, hopeless existence, and deafening loneliness. Whether the raven is flying or sitting in the pictures, it generates a feeling of gloom, deprivation, helplessness, and solitude. Fall of the Raven by Thymournia has opened up the heart of the most tormented soul and poured all of its emotions for the world to see/read.

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