Payback – Tales of Love, Hate and Revenge by Steve Bassett #BookReview

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Acting homicide chief Lieutenant Nick Cisco is up to his eyeballs with unsolved homicide cases. Dead bodies are showing up left and right, and the slow pace of the investigations has made him a laughing stock in the media. When mutilated dead bodies start showing up with tattooed swastika and different camp names, the reason for these murders was clear as daylight. However, to avoid Nazi Bund from being back in action and a full-fledged anti-German hostility a probable threat, Nick Cisco and his partner, Detective Sergeant Kevin McClosky, have been ordered to keep these cases under wraps. Amidst these never-ending professional issues, Nick was going through personal turmoil as well. His wife had left him when she found out that he was cheating on her. As much as Nick loved his wife (Connie), he couldn’t leave the other woman. Acting as a mediator between Nick and Connie, Father Sullivan refused to give up on their marriage. Payback – Tales of Love, Hate and Revenge by Steve Bassett takes the readers on the roller coaster ride of homicide investigations fueled by an insatiable thirst for climbing the ladder of success.

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What constitutes a homicide investigation? An inquisitive brain and experienced detectives, you say? Yes, but that’s not all! Political agenda, a modified story to prevent any racial outrage (or a probable civil war), and overworked detectives are few other undeniable aspects of a homicide investigation. Payback, like life, doesn’t revolve around only one murder investigation. Although Nazi-hate murders were on the priority list, other ongoing investigations were running in parallel. Steve Bassett has adorned Payback – Tales of Love, Hate and Revenge with an excellent vocabulary. There were a lot of words that appeared to be a part of cop/military language. For English language lovers, this book is a delightful treat.

At the beginning of the book, keeping up with the characters and their political ambitions was a tad difficult for a forgetful person like me. However, soon those characters blended so well in the plot that the effort was all worth it. I could not pick one favorite character, so I picked both the detectives as my favorite characters. Nick’s personal issues made him relatable, and Kevin’s quick-wit established him as a strong character. I recommend Payback – Tales of Love, Hate and Revenge by Steve Bassett to the readers who enjoy a sneak peek into the world of homicide investigations fueled by political interventions.

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