The Chemical Drones – The Doozie Rockers by Hashwrite

Right from meeting the Chemical Drones, aka a group of five friends (Sasha, Tanny, Raj, Debbie, Sam), I knew The Chemical Drones – The Doozie Rockers by Hashwrite was going to be a delightful read. These five friends are fourth-graders, and each one of them is talented in their unique way. When Tanny plays a prank that not only creates a distraction but also defies a no-cell-phone policy of the school, the Principal punishes the whole fourth grade. IVth grade students would no longer be able to participate in the Blitz, which is an event that the students are quite enthusiastic about. Instead of losing heart, together they come up with an innovative plan to convince the school to forgive them. The question is, will their plan work?

The pictures of The Chemical Drones – The Doozie Rockers by Hashwrite would appeal to children of almost all ages. Kids in the book are from different backgrounds and have a variety of talents, yet they work together. The Chemical Drones educates the children to develop empathy, understanding, and respect towards one another. Even when Tanny’s prank caused trouble for the whole grade, they did not play the blame game. Sasha was mad at Tanny for a bit, but then she decided to let her friend’s positives outweigh her one small mistake. It would teach the kids to avoid holding grudges. Sasha maintains an online journal, and Sam uses Google to know the meanings of difficult words. This is a commendable approach of the authors to motivate the kids to use the internet the right way.

There are just so many useful takeaways from The Chemical Drones that would benefit both the kids and adults. Teachers and parents are respectful toward the children. The adults praise their good actions and refrain from publicly insulting them if they make mistakes. The combination of beautiful pictures, amusing chapter titles, and an entertaining story has made The Chemical Drones – The Doozie Rockers by Hashwrite a must-read for the children of all ages.

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  1. extooth1 says:

    thanks for sharing

  2. Angela Giles says:

    This is a good book to have and read. It is also perfect for gift giving to little girls.

  3. heidislo says:

    This sounds really interesting.

  4. uniqueideas03 says:

    Looks interesting

  5. Deco Review says:

    Will this be a good read for a 2nd grader?

    1. Mojito With a Twist says:

      Oh yes, definitely!

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