Death Do Us Part #BookReview

Death Do Us Part by J. L. Salter and Charles A. Salter is reviewed by me for Reader’s Favorite.

Short stories of Death Do Us Part by J. L. Salter and Charles A. Salter grip a reader’s attention right from the very first tale. Buddies Forever, the first one, is the story about an injured soldier, PFC Donague. Ever since he joined the army, everybody mispronounced his name as Donahue. This other person, Corporal Roger Donahue, was his best buddy. When PFC Donague woke up in an Evacuation Hospital, he was baffled to see that the records in the hospital had made the same mistake. Everybody — including his doctor and nurse — addressed him as Donahue and, to add to his misery, nobody had any information about his best buddy, Donahue. Later, after a lot of questioning, he was informed about his buddy’s death. To help him get closure, the doctor agreed to arrange him to see his friend’s dead body. However, would this be the closure that he needed or the beginning of a very confusing life?

Death Do Us Part by J. L. Salter and Charles A. Salter is a collection of ten very mind-boggling short stories. Most of these stories challenge the brain of the readers. Regardless of your ability to think out of the box, the climax of nearly every story would surely leave you bewildered. Out of all the short stories of Death Do Us Part, my favorite ones are Buddies Forever, The Room, Murder on Her Mind, and Time Conscious. A Lousy Way to Rye has been a close favorite, too. The characters in all these stories are excellent storytellers. They do not rush the narration and keep a mysterious presence until the end. With just the right blend of suspense, psychological twists, mild action, and indulging conversations, Death Do Us Part by J. L. Salter, and Charles A. Salter is a perfect book to entertain you and captivate your full attention.

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