Screamcatcher – Dream Chasers

Screamcatcher – Dream Chasers by Christy J. Breedlove is the second book in the Screamcatcher series. After going through hell in the fourth dimension, Jory, Choice, Darcy, and Lander formed The Badlands Paranormal Society. Owing to her Chippewa heritage, Jory was the obvious leader of the group. On arriving at the house of their first client, they witnessed a dream catcher that was on the verge of unleashing chaos.

…the dream catcher oscillated, tapping the wall at times and then vibrating into a blur. Jory detected a fetid odor emanating from it that nearly made her gag.

– an excerpt from Scremacatcher – Dream Chasers by Christy J.Breedlove

The dream catcher had reached its saturation point of handling nightmares. As soon as Jory dreamed of her usual nightmare, the dream catcher could not take it anymore. The implosion of the dream catcher threw them into hell. Although they were prepared with weapons, food, and necessities, they could never have prepared themselves for the vicious attacks of dangerous creatures, murderous people, and unforgiving weather-shifts of this land.

“…..The dream catcher reached a tipping point, not because of anything you did. It was the total of nightmare visions that began in the past because of all the owners…”

– an excerpt from Scremacatcher – Dream Chasers by Christy J.Breedlove

Christy J. Breedlove had established herself as a fabulous action writer in Screamcatcher: Web World; the action in Screamcatcher – Dream Chasers has reaffirmed the same. Jory and her friends find themselves in the grip of fear at the sight of each incoming danger, which forces them to strategize and re-strategize to survive. From sensing the danger to indulging in a battle with it, each aspect increases an intrigue. The level of danger varies, yet it never disappoints. The concoction of action and portal fantasy is perfect to describe a place filled with giants, huge spiders, insects, and a variety of dinosaurs among other vicious attackers.

“Great. A friggin’ ass dinosaur. That’s all we need.”

Darcy’s eyes shot up. “It’s not a dinosaur, but a pelycosaur. It’s a…oh, nevermind!…”

– an excerpt from Scremacatcher – Dream Chasers by Christy J.Breedlove

Unlike the previous book, which had only hints of romance, Screamcatcher – Dream Chasers dives into it in a frank, yet non-intimate, manner. Darcy is still as googly-eyed for Lander as ever. Jory, who did not reciprocate Choice’s feelings, is in love with him. Although both the guys are respecting the girls’ wish to delay intimacy, their remarks are laced with sexual hints. Undoubtedly, many of the conversations lightened the mood. Still, at times, the dialogues and the couples’ terms of endearment for each other appeared less spontaneous and more forced.

When it turned his head, Jory saw an ugly pig-like face with rotten and crooked teeth. The body was heavily muscled, almost appearing armored. There came a stench with it that curled the nose.

– an excerpt from Scremacatcher – Dream Chasers by Christy J.Breedlove

The twists kept me on the edge of the seat throughout the read. The unpredictable and deadly obstacles in the way of the Badlands Paranormal Society required extraordinary strategy, and Christy J. Breedlove has left no stone unturned in delivering just that. After reading Screamcatcher – Dream Chasers by Christy J. Breedlove, you would never look at a dream catcher the same way again.

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