I, too, Dream of Jeannie! #FridayReflections

A dreamy Gemini never stops envisioning the world more than what meets the eyes. Whether you believe in sun-signs or not, I, being a Gemini, must insist that the typical characteristics of a Gemini are immersed in my blood. I do not see the world as it is; I see it the way I would want it to be. Now that you know this tidbit about my character, it should not surprise you if I take you on an enchanting trip to a place, where I have magic at the tip of my fingers. I always thought that I would build myself a castle and fill it with every luxury that a man could crave for, but when my fingers touched the keyboard to pen down my thoughts, this vision could not excite me. My heart decided that true happiness is beyond this shallow image. When I close my eyes, now, I find an entirely different image. So, I am handing the keyboard over to my heart to scribble the image that could bring real joy to me and the world.

A Hippy Anki

By heart, I am a wanderer. These social boundaries of how-to-act and what-to-do have always felt like chains to me. If I could, I would pick up a few essentials and wander the streets and forests aimlessly. I would explore the nature as God intended. An intense feeling of joy is already flooding my heart just by thinking about being an aimless wanderer. However, there are complications –

First, many humans have broken up with humanity and have befriended cruelty. They have become worse than animals. You see, when animals hunt, they have a purpose; however, being the superior race, we, humans, have decided that we do not need this rule to tie our hands from butchering one another. Therefore, now, we hurt others just to kill time.

Second, I know that some hungry animals could attack a hippy in more ways than I can imagine.

Third, I like eating good food. I don’t think that I would appreciate the raw form of nature’s gift.

This is where a touch of magic could come handy. I would build a protective layer around me. Nobody would be able to hurt me while I am bewitched by the beauty of God’s creation. When hunger strikes, I would snap my fingers and food would come right in front of me. Ahh, the good life!

Anki – The Wonder Woman

Rescuing our world from brutality has always been a part of my agenda. I pray to the almighty to save us from ourselves. However, this does not seem to be working. The innocents are being slaughtered and violence has been rising at a supersonic speed. If I could have a little bit of magic, I would create a spell that would be very helpful to all of us at the hour of our need. Whenever any innocent would be subjected to a cruelty, a protective layer would cover them up. This layer would protect them from any harm coming their way. This saves them from physical violence. Whatever violent blow their enemy would throw their way would target the sender of the blow while that innocent fellow would continue to remain harmless. Hehe..neat trick, right?

Meet Me, A Master of All Trades

Although I would have become a wanderer, I would like to do something once in a while. This is where my magic would help me. Every day, I would change my job as per my mood. One day, I would be walking in the shoes of a fashion designer, the next day I would be book-keeping. Needless to say, I would be excellent in every field. In every job, however, I will make it a point to show a few pompous and arrogant managers the reality of their shallow lives.

Never Go to the Bed Hungry

When I am hungry, I become a harsh person. I have the luxury of loosening my purse strings and feeding me until I become my usual happy self. However, not everybody has this leisure. With magic on my fingertips, nobody would need to starve. Each people with goodness in their hearts would find good quality food before their bedtime. Of course, they wouldn’t know that magic is helping them.

My Wardrobe – A Work of Art

This is a little gift for myself. My wardrobe would never have a dull moment. It would be cramped with the latest fashion trends. When the apparels, shoes and jewelry would go out of style, these would go out of my wardrobe and into the collection of the people in need. Every day would be a dedicated to making a fashion statement — nothing more, nothing less.

I am a Family & Friends Person

Magic can beautify my world but cannot change the real me. My every day agenda would include a visit to my friends and family. With only 5-hour work culture — thanks to my magic — everybody would have enough “Ankita time” on their plates. I would make sure that we utilize this time to the fullest.

The more I write about my dream of being a Jeannie, the more overwhelmed I feel. So, I think this is the best time to stop. Life is the way it is! I love every bit about it. The only things I could pray and hope for are a little increase in humanity and compassion and a little decrease in the violence and cruelty. Then, the world would be fit for each dreamy-eyed fellow. What do you see, when you close your eyes and imagine having magic at your disposal?

P.S. This post is in response to two prompts:

  • The Friday Reflections prompt – Imagine you have a touch of magic, and can make impossible things happen. What would you do?
  • Finish the Sentence Friday prompt – “When I close my eyes, I see…” hosted by Finding Ninee.
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  1. Dashy says:

    Very creative magical powers, and ones with a large heart and helping mentality. Loved your idea of the shield! It is two in the morning and what I wish for is time to cease when I start reading…there is just never enough time to read! 😀

    1. I’m with you on stopping the clock once in a while. Sometimes, it seems there is not enough time to do everything that I wanna do. I blame the long work hours :/

  2. Great answer to the prompt. I’m glad you joined this week. I feel like I’m a wanderer as well although I feel like I am less-so than when I was younger. I’m not sure why. I’m with you on visiting friends and family and never being hungry for sure! Smiled at you showing pompous managers their worlds in your different trades!

    1. Oh, this week’s prompt was too close to me heart, and I knew that I would regret if I couldn’t write on it. Thanks to you & #FridayReflections team for an amazing prompt.

      P.S. Teaching arrogant managers the reality of life is one of my favorite ones 😉

  3. herheadache says:

    Humanity, instead of the cruelty and brutality that exists. Magic would come in handy for me to have the ability to make this wish come true. Aw, magic. Lovely thought.
    Going to bed hungry is just so awful, that I can’t even imagine. That would be something my magic would wipe away from every person. If only…
    I know about the wandering part. I call myself the insightful wanderer. Happy wanderings.

    1. Well said…If only [dreamy eyes]

  4. Sounds wonderful…so many ways to use magical powers! And i love the idea of s 5 hour work week. I think I need that now!

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