The Good Stranger

I have reviewed The Good Stranger – A Kate Bradley Mystery by Dete Meserve for Reader’s Favorite.

Blurb: From the bestselling author of Good Sam—now a Netflix feature film—comes another Kate Bradley story about the nature of generosity and finding unexpected connections with strangers.

Although Kate was the daughter of a US senator, she had no interest in politics. She left her old job and her boyfriend to be a national news correspondent in New York. So, imagine her disappointment when she had to cover politics in her new job in Manhattan. To add to her misery, her boyfriend broke up with her soon after her move. Just when she was on the verge of embracing regret as her primary emotion, destiny intervened. Someone started leaving thoughtful gifts for strangers throughout the city. More peculiar than these charitable acts was the desire of this samaritan to remain unidentified.

…You probably have some good insight and connection on the Homeland Security bill that’s stuck in Congress. And it’d be fascinating to hear what’s it like to be a senator’s daughter.”

I drew a deep breath. “I’m not here covering politics.”

“You’re not?” He raised his voice. “Then what are you covering?”

An excerpt from The Good Stranger – A Kate Bradley Mystery by Dete Meserve

After a lot of persuasions, Kate convinced her assigning editor to allow her to cover this story. To her surprise, Scott Jameson (a well-known TV series host) showed interest in covering the story with her. Her cynical brain could not comprehend a famous TV host’s interest in this story. However, with no solid reason for this suspicion, she let him tag along. As she increased her efforts to identify the generous stranger, she started receiving threatening notes to stop looking for them. Is altruism contagious? Follow Kate in The Good Stranger – A Kate Bradley Mystery by Dete Meserve to figure it out.

Purple and white balloons floated from lampposts and fences on the way back to the ANC studio. Hundreds of them. They seemed to be everywhere. But in the narrow beam of my flashlight, I noticed something else. Bouquets of purple and white flowers graced countless stairs and doorways to apartment buildings.

An excerpt from The Good Stranger – A Kate Bradley Mystery by Dete Meserve

Regardless of the growing number of corruption, crime, and hatred, there is an innate kindness in all of us. We wish to witness acts of compassion, generosity, and love. Dete Meserve has transformed this desire into a beautiful story. The Good Stranger will feed the readers with hope, empathy, and a healthy dose of benevolence. The narration of the domino effect of one samaritan on the entire city is almost breathtaking. The book is packed with romance, mystery, and fascinating conversations. The Good Stranger – A Kate Bradley Mystery by Dete Meserve is a commendable endeavor to spread altruism in the world.

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