Top 10 Self-help Books To Read

The lock-down times are very trying. This period is testing your patience, skills, judgment, and everything else. All the individuals are trying to come to terms with reality. In such a period it is important for each one of us to be positive. Yet these are also the times that can be used to do something productive. You must have seen some people utilizing it to enhance creativity. Others are indulging in reading or dancing. While still others are doing gardening and flowering. Here comes another part of this- self-help book reading. To know more about what it means, read the introduction. Also, don’t forget to read about the top 10 self-help books.


What is a self-help book? Well, it is a very simple themed book. It is a book that contains elements or chapters that help you to improve yourself. Put in simple words, these books help in an individual’s growth. They can be written on any topic. Self-help books are often misunderstood being only targeted to being rich. Yet this is a very simplistic understanding of it. Self-help books are more than becoming rich. 

There are certain books that help a person to come out of trauma. Thus, they help in making a person strong by giving ways and methods to do that. There are some self-help books that give wise maxims regarding how to live life. Altogether, all these books are written to help an individual morally and materially. So you can read them to improve yourself!

1. Think and Grow RichNapoleon Hill

 Who hasn’t found this book? The book has sold 15 million copies till now. It was first written in 1937. The book focuses on various principles to succeed in life. Although the title talks about becoming rich. Yet Hill says anyone can follow it any stream to succeed. The latest edition is green in color and looks quite appealing. There are a total of 14  principles in the book. These include things like desire, faith, decision, etc. Hill made this book after closely examining the successful people. So if you want to succeed, get hold of it today!

2. How to win friends and influence people?Dale Carnegie

This is a self-help book. It was published as early as 1936. The title itself suggests the contents of the book. This book usually helps one to become a hit and favorite among all. It helps you make friends. The book has sold 30 million copies till now.

The basic strategies that Dale gives in the book are common. This includes asking you to smile, giving honest appreciation, etc. For those who want to earn money and power, it is the best read!

3. The 7 habits of highly effective PeopleStephen Covey

This book also deals with the successful lives of 7 people. It was published in 1989. By far, it is the best self-help book. There are certain principles given in the book. They are called the ” True North” principles.

Thus, Stephen stresses things like character ethic to highlight its importance. He has divided the book into 3 parts: dependence, interdependence, and independence. Within these categories, he gives ways to improve oneself.

It is a must-read! 

4. The Power of Positive ThinkingNorman Vincent Peale

The title of the book itself speaks a lot. It is a book that focuses on enhancing positive thinking among everyone. It was published in 1952.

The book takes up everyday life’s problems. It does it in an interesting way. The writer uses anecdotes to explain it to the reader. Then, case histories are also employed to explain life’s Scenario well. Finally, there are simple ways provided to improve oneself. These are as follows:

  • Believe in yourself
  • Break worrying habit 
  • Build new power 

So this is a really helpful book. It is very simple and lucid too.

5. Self Compassion: The proven power of being kind to yourself by Kristin Neff

This book helps one to overcome self-doubt. Rather the book boosts up one’s self-esteem and self-love.

It is clearly written in the book that one should stop beating oneself up. Rather it asks one to leave insecurities behind. The book is a guide for all those people who self criticize a lot. Such people keep doubting their own actions. They all blame themselves for everything wrong that happens to others. This is the root cause of pessimism. Critics say that the author stresses on self Compassion in this book. Thus, it motivates one to feel pity for himself/ herself and stop hurting. It is definitely going to strike chords with everyone!

6. Ikigai: The Japanese secret to a long and happy life by Albert Liebermann, Hector Gracia

According to the Japanese, everyone has an Ikigai—a reason for living. This is truly the best selling self-help book. The book doesn’t specifically give advice. But it presents some secrets from Japanese to us.  The Japanese are the happiest people on Earth.  

In researching this book, the authors interviewed the residents of the mal village with the highest percentage of 100 years old people. The book reveals secrets to their longevity and happiness: how they eat, how they move, how they work. And it provides practical ways to help yourself in your own lives. 

So do read this book to gain a lot! 

7. Hardcore Self Help by Robert Duff

This book is written by a mental health expert. Thus it’s a self-help book for not just depressed but every person. It is written from a different angle and perspective.  This is written in simple language and that is its plus point. Most of the books get lost in technical definitions and terms. Yet this book is not about scientific explanations. The author speaks like a friend in it. He discusses mental problems like he has suffered it himself. And readers easily correlate with it. While reading it, one will feel very close to the author. He has given simple ways to tackle social anxiety and other illnesses. Thus, millennials or others who want to self-improvement can surely read it. 

8. Who moved my cheese? by Spencer Johnson

The title of this self-help book is interesting. Isn’t it? Well, the book as interesting as the headline. It was published in 1998.

 The book deals with situations of change of work and life. There are two mice and two little people in the story. The story is woven around the stealing of cheese by the move. Thus, the writer employs a comical situation to discuss various life’s problems. The way the little men react to the stealing of cheese will teach readers umpteen lessons. The book has already won so many accolades. So definitely go for it!  

9. The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

Now some people may ask, how come is this book a self help one? Well, it is the best self-help book one can read. It uses fiction to teach some greatest life lessons.

The book was first published in 1988. It explains the journey of a young shepherd boy. He goes to the pyramids of Egypt. There on his way, he meets an Alchemist. Now, here’s the real help that one can receive from. The Alchemist gives a lot of wise lectures. He also provides valuable advice to the boy. Thus, if you want to enjoy fiction and self help both, do read it. 

10. Rich dad, Poor dad by Robert Kiyosaki, Sharon Lechter

This book was published in 1997. As the name suggests, it deals with business self-help. The book is largely written in the form of parables.

A lot of issues are touched upon in the book. These can be read by the reader for improved finances. These are as follows:

  • Financial literacy
  • Financial Independence
  • Financial Intelligence

So after reading about all these books, we have been refreshed. We have realized the importance of these books in one’s life. Usually, when we struggle to make ourselves happy. Or we struggle to accept reality. Or more than that, if we face technical problems, then they will be our guide. There are umpteen books other than These. Yet these top 10 are must-read ones. You all should definitely d and them. Yet you should also not limit yourself to just reading. You should also incorporate the advice and lessons in your life. Then only the true goal will be realized! 

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