Three Muses by Martha Anne Toll

“Moses never reached the Promised Land. It’s about the struggle and the effort, not the result.” – An excerpt from Three Muses by Martha Anne Toll

Curmudgeon Avenue by Samantha Henthorn

Curmudgeon Avenue – The Terraced House Diaries by Samantha Henthorn is a hilarious take on the preposterous lives of Edna and Edith. After an elephant crushed Mr. and Mrs. Payne to death, Edna and Edith moved back to their parents’ house. The lives of these sixty-something years old sisters hadn’t quite turned out as well as they had expected. As a result, re-locating to Number One Curmudgeon Avenue was in the best interest of both of them. With their limited resources, they needed money to fix the roof of the house.

THE KILLER ANGEL – The Recollections of a Legend by Myles Stafford #BookReview

Reviewed by me for Reader’s Favorite. Years have passed since the apocalypse, and survival has become a daily struggle. A virus took over humans and turned most of them into a zombielike species called runners. As if the fear of runners was any less, not all surviving humans had the best intentions. A good portion…