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Dead Lawyers by Steve McAvoy is a murder mystery about a serial killer. He, who is tagged by media as Dick the Butcher, is on a murder spree. Since the only person who might benefit from these murders is Mack Traynor, he is the prime suspect in this case. Amidst this chaos, Dick the Butcher calls Mack and claims to be his friend. With him being the person of interest in these crimes, Mack is confused as to whether he should inform the cops about these calls or not. Mack has the support of his friends but is that enough to prove his innocence. Meanwhile, Dick the Butcher continues to kill more lawyers in the cruelest ways imaginable.

Although Dead Lawyers by Steve McAvoy is a murder mystery, the book is never dark. The light-hearted conversations with a jest of humor keep the plot entertaining. The author has done a remarkable job of telling the story from the perspective of both the killer and Mack Traynor (the protagonist). The narration changes from one person to another, but the plot never gets confusing. Mack’s sense of humor remains alive even though his world was crashing bit by bit. However, he is not the only person throwing witty remarks in the face of tragedy; Lou (Mack’s friend) and the detectives are all well-versed in sarcasm and wit.

Another intriguing factor is how the killer justifies his actions by quoting biblical references. His hatred for lawyers resonates well with a majority of people, and that works very much in his favor until it doesn’t. Reading Dead Lawyers by Steve McAvoy is a pleasure that cannot be overstated. I recommend the book to the readers who enjoy suspense, action, murder-mystery, and good storytelling.

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