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Shattered Treasure by Cindy Patterson takes the readers on a dramatic, emotional, and romantic journey with Addison Morgan. Twenty-two years old Addison knew pain more than anything else. After the death of her father, her mother began treating her daughters (Addison and Casey) as a burden. She was only six years old at that time, but she could understand that her love would never be enough for her mother. Once she left for college, her aunt took both Addison and Casey under her wings. Everything seemed perfect until Casey died in a car accident. Philip, Addison’s boyfriend, supported her and helped her heal from this tremendous loss. However, after a few years, he started showing signs of being an abusive partner. Amidst all the confusion, she stumbled in front of the most amazing and handsome man (Logan Tant) she had ever laid eyes on. Nonetheless, their love story had more than just a few bumps. Addison had crashed the car of Logan’s sister (Ami) that left a scar on Ami’s beautiful face; Logan was hell-bent on punishing the driver of the other car.

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Many social issues have been brought up in Shattered Treasure by Cindy Patterson. Drink and drive is the most prominent one. More often than not, we witness how lightly people take this issue. They do not understand that their act of driving while being drunk can turn somebody’s world upside down. Cindy’s feelings on this issue are transparent in the plot of this book. Another issue that the author has very cleverly woven into the story is the cost of not speaking up to (or about) an abusive partner. Addison kept suffering in silence when Philip was showing his power on her and paid a price that could have been avoided.

Logan and Addison’s attraction towards each other was quite intense. When the extent of their attraction was described over and over again, that’s when it became too much for me. Of course, that could be my personal opinion. The book, nevertheless, is hard to put down. No matter how much I hated Addison’s decisions of keeping things to herself, I wanted a happy ending for her. She is a character that extracts sympathy without even trying. Kudos to the author for writing a character who evokes a range of emotions and connects on a very deep emotional level! The story moves steadily and keeps the reader wrapped around its finger until the end.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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