Three Muses by Martha Anne Toll

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Three Muses by Martha Anne Toll is a beautiful tale of a prima ballerina and a psychiatrist, both with crushed spirits and a defeated attitude. Yes, they find refuge in each other’s company, but that’s not what the story is about. Three Muses forces the audience to face the trauma and find a way to heal. Its dialogues are the music in themselves and the story is absolutely magnetic. This is one of those tales that will remain with you forever and ever!

Mama had never seen Katya dance. Her absence was enveloping, a reminder that despite being embedded in the company and despite Mr. Yanakov – who had willed Katya the stage, conferred on her this feast – Katya danced through life alone.

An excerpt from Three Muses by Martha Anne Toll

There is a mysterious vibe about the book, right from its title to its characters. As each character is obsessed with one thing or the other, the readers, too, find themselves mystified by everything about Three Muses. There are so many questions that bog its audience. Is the book called Three Muses because that’s where John and Katya meet for the first time? Or, the title implies that the three main characters of the story are the three muses of the author? Then, there is the question of whether John should have forgiven Katya? Did Katya even wish to be forgiven? Even amidst these questions, the audience looks at the plot unfold, almost spellbound by the magic of it all. John’s tragic past places the readers back in the holocaust days. They feel his pain and understand his anger, guilt, and grief. And then, we have Katya. Our beautiful and vulnerable Katya. We look at her and wonder why can’t she rely on her talent alone. Why doesn’t she give love a chance? Still, we cannot hold anything against her. Her backstory doesn’t exactly justify her actions, but it definitely evokes empathy for her. Although Boris Yanakov, the choreographer, is the source of many woes, there is a strange pull about him that one cannot deny or ignore.

He was supposed to be the man of the family; instead he had sung for their killer.

An excerpt from Three Muses by Martha Anne Toll

Three Muses by Martha Anne Toll is a remarkable piece of fiction that will let its presence known in the literary world for ages to come.

Charged particle was choreographed to embody the threats of the atomic age.

“Mankind was never meant to split atoms,” Mr. Y had said. “It is grotesque to impreil the future of the species.”

Katya’s job was to convey danger.

An excerpt from Three Muses by Martha Anne Toll

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