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I have reviewed Night Zero by Rob Horner for Reader’s Favorite.

An explosion that appeared harmless caused chaos beyond anybody’s most gruesome imagination. The flight that had taken off after that explosion had to make an emergency landing as the pilot suffered from the most disturbing case of diarrhea. Even most of the passengers began vomiting blood, running to the lavatories to vacate their bodies of everything they had ever consumed, and exhibiting unfathomable aggression. Just when they decided to discard these symptoms as the effect of a bug, the affected people started chewing, biting, and eating one another. Surprisingly, the bitten people began exhibiting the same maniacal behavior as the ones biting them.

A second later, as he felt the guy’s teeth latch onto his right ear, his own screams of sudden pain and fear tore out of him. He started flailing with the only weapon available to him…

an excerpt from Night Zero by Rob Horner

When Buck, a paramedic, reached to observe the medical condition of a man in a mall, he hadn’t expected that the man in need of help would bite and eat half of Buck’s ear as if it was a piece of candy. Later, when he reached the hospital with this man, neither he nor the hospital staff realized what a blood-mayhem was soon to follow. Night Zero by Rob Horner would leave you terrified at the mere thought of an epidemic.

“Patients biting doctors, children trying to bite a parent’s hand, men jumping on each other in the street. Always biting. Every report features biting…”

An excerpt from Night Zero by Rob Horner

Leave aside any assumptions of Night Zero being just another zombie apocalypse. Unlike zombies, these transformed beings are capable of thinking and strategizing their attacks. Moreover, most of them are alive, but they are also capable of coming back from the dead. The gory details of the attacks, limbs hanging off the bodies, etc. are so vivid that the readers would be able to visualize it all. Rob Horner speaks a fluent medical language, which has added to the authenticity of the plot.

….as planes full of people who’s escaped the initial blast rode inside the cabin while luggage coated with the infectious particles traveled below it to places across the country and around the world, people continued to die. And for every person who passed from the bacteria, four or five others were infected with the virus.

an excerpt from Night Zero by Rob Horner

Everything about Night Zero screams a Hollywood movie in the making. The characters have a varied personality, a rich sense of humor, and an ability to demand attention. Nail-biting thriller is the main element of the book. While some characters appeared only for a few minutes, yet they managed to connect with the readers. The most refreshing aspect of Night Zero is the fact that Rob Horner has taken the time to establish a background and narrate the mental state of the transformed characters, as well. The lovers of apocalypse and epidemic based books are going to relish Night Zero by Rob Horner for a long time.

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