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Tap into the believer inside of you and put the skeptic in you to sleep before grabbing The Move by Whitney Dineen. Years ago, Alexis’ grandmother took her to a psychic, who told her that at the age of 30, a dog would jump over Alexis. After that, her life would change forever. Whether these changes would be good or bad was anybody’s guess. True to her words, a dog jumped at her when she became thirty years old. Immediately after that, she became homeless (in a way) and was offered a promotion at work, which required her to move to Atlanta with a salary less than before. So far, the changes in her life appeared to be negative. Feeling exhausted and perplexed, she decided to visit her best friend, Emmie, in Missouri. This temporary move brought forth a series of events that proved that the fortune teller was right about her forecast.

Alexis’ family dynamics are amusing, to say the least. Her father, Bertie, is an artist and has all the quirks that go with the job title. Her mother, Regina, on the other hand, takes women empowerment to the next level. She is a powerful woman with a voice that cannot be ignored. According to her, marriage is an institution that forces a man and a woman to be together due to law — and not love. This opinion was like food to my brain. I loved reading her viewpoints and couldn’t get enough of this enthralling woman. Kudos to Whitney Dineen for writing her amazing dialogues. Alexis’ love interest, Beau and his “girlfriend” created quite an intrigue that lasted almost till the end. A common opinion of a majority of New Yorkers about New York being the best is very well put forth through a die-hard New Yorker, Regina.

The Move by Whitney Dineen can be very well categorized as a rom-com with lots of family drama and a handful of divine power to see the future. It is entertaining, engaging, and a quick read. As a reader, I enjoyed every moment I spent in its company.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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