SUPERBU Homecoming: The Story Behind the Story

Debarshi Kanjilal, the author of SUPERBU Homecoming, has shared the story behind the story of the book in this guest post. I, on behalf of the readers of Mojito with a Twist, thank him for his heartfelt contribution to our page.

The author of the Guest Post - Debarshi Kanjilal

I lost my dog in 2018. A little brown dachshund dog called Buzo. For almost 11 years of her life, she was the glue that kept our family together. So, no surprises for guessing what inspired me to write a book about a dog called SUPERBU.

I think all loving pet owners can empathize with me when I say that our pets often become the one constant source of happiness for us, which leads to them sometimes meaning even more to us than our friends and family in some ways. And their passing, as a result, leaves us in absolute shambles. I was no different.

SUPERBU, for me, is a way to stay connected with Buzo. The three novellas planned for the series have to succeed, because the success of these books is the only way for me to fulfil my dream for Buzo – The Buzoland Project. A project that will create a home for a congregation of stray dogs; a home, not a shelter.


When we got Buzo, I was too naïve to know about #adoptdontshop. But since then, I have learned what stray puppies and dogs across India go through because people still want ‘breed’ dogs. So, while I have been part of the problem myself, I believe that I now have an excuse to try to do some good in Buzo’s name.

Some of the people closest to me didn’t enjoy reading the early drafts of Homecoming. Some of it hit too close to home for them. It was inspired by stories that involved them and their loved ones after all. And sometimes they didn’t like the artistic liberties I took with these anecdotes. I still took those liberties because I was determined to tell the most interesting and compelling story I could. It meant that much to me.

The desire to write a book commemorating Buzo came before the desire to do good in her name. At the time, I had envisioned a fantasy story about a canine superhero who saves the world. Homecoming doesn’t have any superheroes, just flawed characters who are full of shortcomings. It was when I had the epiphany about The Buzoland Project that I realised that I wanted to write a story about how every dog is already a superhero to their humans. And that is the real story behind SUPERBU Homecoming.

I have spent long hours thinking who this story is for. I think it is for anyone who loves reading, loves dogs, and understands the complex dynamics of a working-class Indian family. It is also for me, because writing this story keeps my fondest memories fresh in my mind. But most of all, it is for those few dogs who may get another chance at being loved.

I don’t know if everyone will enjoy this book, I hope they do, because many of our furry friends deserve what this book can do for them.

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