SUPERBU Homecoming: The Story Behind the Story

I lost my dog in 2018. A little brown dachshund dog called Buzo. For almost 11 years of her life, she was the glue that kept our family together. So, no surprises for guessing what inspired me to write a book about a dog called SUPERBU.

SUPERBU Homecoming

SUPERBU Homecoming by Debarshi Kanjilal is a story of a dysfunctional family that morphs into a tolerable one when it welcomes a sickly dachshund puppy, Bully (aka BU). The Bera Family consisted of Ajit, his wife (Barnali), his two sons (Arun and Ajay), and his mother (Taru). Ever since Ajay was eight years old, he wanted to adopt a puppy, but his mother, Barnali, refused him.