SUPERBU Homecoming

SUPERBU Homecoming by Debarshi Kanjilal is a story of a dysfunctional family that morphs into a tolerable one when it welcomes a sickly dachshund puppy, Bully (aka BU). The Bera Family consisted of Ajit, his wife (Barnali), his two sons (Arun and Ajay), and his mother (Taru). Ever since Ajay was eight years old, he wanted to adopt a puppy, but his mother, Barnali, refused him. She justified her refusal by chanting her very well-rehearsed mantra,

The only thing I ever wanted was to not be married into a house with a dog.

– SUPERBU Homecoming by Debarshi Kanjilal

When Ajay turned twenty, he finally convinced the family to let him adopt a dog. Barnali made the terms of the adoption clear to him; he would have to clean after the dog. Without raising any objection, he accepted those terms and brought home a chocolate-brown dachshund puppy. They named her Bully, which later became Bu. Ajay’s dreams of creating fun memories with Bu quickly shattered when he realized something was not right with her. Later, a vet diagnosed her with a case of acute dehydration. Dealing with a puppy, who was probed and prodded with needles regularly, would have been tormenting on its own, but neverending arguments between Ajit and Barnali increased the family’s trepidation multifold.

“They can smell fear and dislike! You will never let anyone feel welcome.” Ajit looked at Barnali and quipped. Barnali made her way out of the room after that comment. But she was used to such remarks from Ajit after all these years.

– SUPERBU Homecoming by Debarshi Kanjilal
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Although SUPERBU Homecoming is a short story consisting of only 90 pages, Debarshi Kanjilal has put forth an engaging family drama. Ajit and Barnali represent a typical married couple who don’t see eye to eye on any given topic. Their arguments quickly escalate from a simple disagreement to disdainful remarks. The arrival of a puppy should have been a cause for celebration; instead, it brought a whole new range of arguments. Bu’s medical condition in this toxic environment added another layer of an emotional aspect to the plot. Amidst heated arguments and Bu’s deteriorating health, the readers find themselves hoping for a miracle. The dialogues of the characters are in line with the family’s dysfunctional dynamics. SUPERBU Homecoming by Debarshi Kanjilal is the book for you if you want a fast read about the family drama that includes a dog.

The poking and prodding with the needle started again, this time the shin of Bully’s right front leg was in the firing zone. Suman must have pierced the needle in somewhere it wasn’t supposed to go. This led to Bu letting out a desperate squeal, which was echoed by one of Ajay’s own, and a fainter one from Ajit.

– SUPERBU Homecoming by Debarshi Kanjilal

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