Lying with the Devil – Redemption

I have reviewed Lying with the Devil – Redemption by Lana Lindemann for Reader’s Favorite.

Ten years back, a girl named Mary was kidnapped. During her captivity, she developed Stockholm Syndrome and fell in love with her kidnapper, Michael. By the time Detective Steven Bullard arrived to rescue her, things had turned dramatically bizarre. It appeared she had been brainwashed to the extent that she believed her captor to be her Archangel Michael. Steven’s failure to protect Mary sent him down the path of self-destruction. After these many years, someone was again kidnapping, abusing, and brutally murdering girls. Steven swore that these cases had an uncanny resemblance to Michael and Mary’s case; however, his seniors did not agree. When another girl, Ariel, goes missing, Steven vows to go above and beyond to save her from the monster. Lying with the Devil – Redemption by Lana Lindemann follows the detective as he tries to redeem himself. Time, however, doesn’t seem to be on his side.

Again, his eyes caught something else as he was looking at her fingers: her wrists were bruised. “Chained up too, just like the other ones.”

He was mumbling to himself, taking a long drag of his cigarette; his mind was reeling with a thousand thoughts, lost in the ether when a voice spoke out to him, “Still think this is linked to the Mary case?”

An excerpt from Lying with the Devil – Redemption by Lana Lindemann

The dominant emotion in the thriller is ‘obsession.’ For some reason, both the killer and the Detective are obsessed with Mary. Indeed, the killer’s infatuation is downright psychotic. Lying with the Devil – Redemption thrives on his disturbing mindset to be with Mary. The audience witnesses his brutality as he pulls away the fingernails of Ariel and shivers at his insane fantasies. Lana Lindemann has created a perfect monster, whom everyone would love to hate. There is an undeniable urgency in the plot that holds the readers on the edge of the seat. The characters have a fire inside of them that shines through the dark story. Even after finding herself at the mercy of an outrageous psychopath, Ariel doesn’t give up. Her fighting spirit both terrifies and inspires the audience. As the investigation proceeds, the readers cheer the detectives to nail the devil.

But she wasn’t expecting what came next as he coiled his hand firmly around hers, jerking her toward him, placing her arm within the crook of his own to keep it pinned before latching the pliers onto her fingernail; and without hesitation or remorse, he ripped it clean from the bed with one swift motion and the sheer strength behind his sadistic motivations.

An excerpt from Lying with the Devil – Redemption by Lana Lindemann

Despite one or two loose ends here and there, I found myself completely invested in the thriller. Lying with the Devil – Redemption by Lana Lindemann is a quick read for the pleasure of a psychological thriller.

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