Lying with the Devil – Redemption

Ten years back, a girl named Mary was kidnapped. During her captivity, she developed Stockholm Syndrome and fell in love with her kidnapper, Michael. By the time Detective Steven Bullard arrived to rescue her, things had turned dramatically bizarre. It appeared she had been brainwashed to the extent that she believed her captor to be her Archangel Michael. Steven’s failure to protect Mary sent him down the path of self-destruction.

#BookReview: Beyond Possession – The Afterlife Series Book 4 by Deb McEwan

Reviewed by me for Reader’s Favorite. Beyond Possession is the fourth book in Deb McEwan’s The Afterlife Series. There are angels and evil souls. While angels are trying to maintain peace in the world and keep the evil spirits away from the good souls, the devil’s minions are trying everything in their capacity to turn…

Book Review: Dancing with the Devil: Extended Edition by Amy C Norman @Readersfavorite

Reviewed for Readers’ Favorite Dancing with the Devil: Extended Edition is a memoir of the life threatening relationship of the author, Amy C Norman. She and her two sisters were born and brought up in a nurturing family; however, during her early teenage years, she got attracted to a very wrong crowd. To impress these…

A Failed Plan for Redemption – A Fiction #FridayReflection

Chapter.1. A Shocking News “The Top 100” program, as the name suggests, broadcasts the top 100 headlines of New Delhi every day at 4 PM  on news channel The Daily Headlines. Everybody knows that not every 100 headlines are, actually, “headlines.” Last ones are always the fillers, which are reported only to make the name of the program credible….