The Ghosts of Curmudgeon Avenue

I have reviewed The Ghosts of Curmudgeon Avenue – Curmudgeon Avenue #4 – by Samantha Henthorn for Reader’s Favorite.

The nincompoops are back in the fourth book of the Curmudgeon Avenue series, The Ghosts of Curmudgeon Avenue by Samantha Henthorn. In a wild twist, the side characters of the previous books are in the limelight. However, this does not mean that Edna, Edith, and Harold have disappeared. On the contrary, they are everywhere now. Well, at least Edith is! Edna is despondent at the absence of Genevieve from her afterlife. Harold has declared that he and Edith are “technically” no longer married. Nevertheless, Edith is too busy getting Ricky and Wantha back together to bother about his declaration. Speaking of being bothered, Harold has his own share of paranormal interventions to worry about. Someone, he cannot see, is pushing him to reveal the truth about the elephant accident.


Harold was quaking in his dirt brown trousers, Edith was oblivious.

‘Yes, I remember now, I wanted to know how I was going to tell Ricky about Baby Emma and Patchouli had an….’

‘Shhh! Can’t you hear that?’

An excerpt from The Ghosts of Curmudgeon Avenue

Number one Curmudgeon Avenue has opened its doors for its new residents: Gordon, Zandra, and their twenty-seven years old daughter, Krystina. And with the arrival of these new people arrives a brand new set of opportunities for Edith to meddle with. In fact, Wantha, Francesca, Patchouli, and Toonan have all made Krystina’s sad love-life their mission. Of course, their meddling would only be a wacky experience. Even the house is worried about the future of Krystina.

‘Hahaha! Of course, it is! Mr. Bastard is ripping out the kitchen first, and then tackling jobs one by one.’

‘Erm, just call me Harry’ Harry the Bastard repeated.

Zandra ignored him……

An excerpt from The Ghosts of Curmudgeon Avenue

The ludicrous elements of the Curmudgeon series, like “longer than necessary” conversations, Edith’s “dinner plate face,” and Harold’s smell, remain the highlight of The Ghosts of Curmudgeon Avenue. Samantha Henthorn is a genius storyteller. She understands her audience and remains loyal to their interests. Mrs. Ali, the gossip-queen, has “given up gossiping,” and Zandra is “working from home.” And yet, they are doing just the opposite. Zandra, one of the new additions to the storyline, is as droll as others. Her superficial manner of addressing Harry, the Bastard as “Mr. Bastard” earns a chuckle every single time. To the dismay of its characters and the entertainment of the readers, Number One Curmudgeon Avenue is more crowded than ever. There are more paranormal activities than even the ghosts of the house can fathom. A must-read for quirky humor lovers!

‘Why are you hiding away, anyway? No one’s here, and it’s not as though anyone can see you!’

‘I just wanted some alone time!’ said Harold, indignantly.

‘Ew, you dirty begger… and in my mother’s old bedding ottoman?’

An excerpt from The Ghosts of Curmudgeon Avenue

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