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Let Go the Reins by John D. Hughes is a tapestry of intense emotions that drive people to do insane things. When Meg Lind was found dead in her house, Sheriff Jim Taggart arrested her husband, Daniel Lind, and Daniel’s brother, Clay Lind. Considering the past of Lind brothers, everyone already believed them to be guilty of Meg’s death. However, based on the testimony of a woman named Esther Jorgensen, the sheriff had to release Clay. Although each evidence pointed towards Daniel, sheriff Taggart was still not convinced that Daniel was the murderer of his wife.

Amidst all the chaos, the sheriff’s mind kept going back to seven years old Allie Lind, the daughter of Daniel and Meg. He knew that he had to find a place far away from all the evil of this town. Allie, on the other hand, was determined to avenge her mother’s death one day. Would she be able to find it in her heart to forgive her father for the pain that he caused to both Meg and Allie over the years?

John D. Hughes has very effectively captured the after-effects of a drunken selfish lifestyle. Daniel fell in love with Meg, married her, and had a beautiful daughter with her. Nevertheless, he didn’t realize how blessed he was until it was too late. When he lost both of them, heavy guilt replaced all the emotions from his heart. Keen is another strong character, whose presence invokes fear and uncertainty. In fact, each character manages to give rise to certain feelings, and that is the beauty of the author’s writing.

Let Go the Reins by John D. Hughes is written descriptively. Everything — the darkness that prevailed Palisade, the emotions of its people, the sound of the shuffling of cards — is described in detail. The question of who murdered Meg lingered until the very end, and it maintained my intrigue of knowing the truth. The dialogues impart authenticity to the plot. The readers who like reading a plot filled with suspense, drama, and intense emotions would enjoy Let Go the Reins by John D. Hughes immensely.

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