The Shakespeare Conspiracy: A Clayton Lovell Stone Adventure by Bruce Hutchison #BookReview

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Stone, the protagonist in The Shakespeare Conspiracy: A Clayton Lovell Stone Adventure, the first volume of Clayton Lovell Stone Adventures by Bruce Hutchison, was aware that his girlfriend, Tracy, wanted him to take the relationship to the next level. Despite his obvious love for her, he was not ready to take the relationship forward. His reluctance did not go unnoticed by Tracy, and she decided to take an assignment in England to put some distance between the two of them. Well, it was part of the reason anyway. The major reason for her undertaking this project was the intrigue it offered. This mysterious assignment, which she did not discuss with Stone, had something to do with Shakespeare’s authorship of his plays. She kept it a secret even from Stone because this mysterious task had the potential of changing history.

Just when Stone was sure that he was ready to move forward in her relationship with Tracy, he received the devastating news that she had died in an accident in England. He would have believed the accident part if he hadn’t received a postcard with signs of blood and a page of a manuscript from Tracy. He knew he would not get any rest until discovering the truth behind Tracy’s death. So, he left for England to investigate the unfortunate and untimely demise of his girlfriend. Little did he know that his journey would be filled with professional killers and facts that could change important facts of history.

Wow, what a book! I do not know how else to describe The Shakespeare Conspiracy: A Clayton Lovell Stone Adventure by Bruce Hutchison. History has never fascinated me enough to sit down and read all the facts about important people and places. However, each page of this book held my attention. I could not believe what I was reading. Bruce Hutchison has woven a perfect tapestry of fiction and historical events. In an attempt to catch the murderer of his girlfriend, Stone comes across scholars, and the plot plants a seed of intrigue in its readers. Were the famous plays written by a man named William Shakespeare or was the authorship of these plays intentionally concealed (and granted to a nobody) to hide some royal secrets? These questions lingered in an already strong murder mystery of Tracy.

By including several quotes from Shakespeare’s plays, Bruce Hutchison has further enhanced the quality of the narration. The characters are diverse and have different personalities: vicious, greedy, ambitious, learned, attentive, shrewd and what not! It becomes quite evident at the very beginning of the book that the murder mystery is not the only mystery in The Shakespeare Conspiracy: A Clayton Lovell Stone Adventure by Bruce Hutchison. If you are intrigued by a good murder mystery fiction and scholarly debates on historical facts, then you are going to admire this book to no end.

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