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So, you see a video on YouTube or read a blog somewhere, and you don’t like it. What do you do? Leave a negative comment or just leave without commenting? Usually, I am in the second category. I leave with no comment whatsoever. However, if I feel I must say something, I frame my sentence in a respectful and polite tone to convey my point. Why do I do it? Am I scared of provoking the owner? No! I do it because I do not wish to hurt the person, who shared the content thinking it was good enough. The only way I can help the person improve is by leaving a thoughtful comment.

By this logic, the people who leave negative, hurtful and mean comments on any of your content do so with the sole intention of either trashing you in public or eliminating the competition. I am quite confident of this conclusion. These are self-absorbed people who have appointed themselves as the Internet police. However, they are protecting nobody. These people would never stand up to defend anyone and would their best to demean your content and your life. I have heard it all and felt useless many times due to these cyber evils.

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On many occasions, these people have tried to body-shame me, mocked my accent, and thrashed my content. And guess what! I fell for their act. Despite hundreds of positive comments, I believed a couple of negative scoundrels. This is how negativity works. It has the power to dig its claws so deep inside your heart that you can only surrender to the pain. You lose your fighting spirit and hope for your survival instincts to kick in. The problem with this hope is that it takes immense will power to be able to reach inside of you. The real you. This good-for-nothing bunch has nothing else to do but sit around and catch the next prey. What do they get out of it? I wish I knew. Or maybe it’s better to not know anything about them.

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One thing is for sure, though. They are not commenting on your content or your life because they actually found either of those to be worthless. No, dear! From the moment they clicked on your video or saw your picture or read the first line of your post, they were only working on throwing up the gross content of their brains all over you. It is nothing personal, yet it is. I have seen the most despicable comments on even the best content and about the most amazing people. Trust me, such words mean nothing.

The negativity has a way of spreading faster than even the most blessed words of appreciation. Even knowing this, we can’t help but fall in its trap. Although thousands of people are admiring your work, you get affected by the most disrespectful and cynical words of a low-life. I allowed the vile words of these despicable humans over the precious words of my friends and family and many kind strangers.

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Once I posted a video on learning french language. As I am a beginner, I started that channel only to enhance my skills and revise the content. I had to stop as a lot of changes were happening in my life at the time. Anyway, in one of the clips, I used the wrong article. And a guy pointed it out in the comments section. If he were a low-life, he would have commented, “What would she teach us when she doesn’t even know the basics herself?” Instead, he simply pointed out that I should have used ‘le’ instead of ‘la.’ He helped me improve my content and encouraged me to study more. In short, his heart was in the right place. These are the comments that we need to pay attention to. These are the people who are sincere and respectful.

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I hope you found my rant helpful. Keep your brains fueled by the inspiring people and their comments. Do not fall into the pit of despair created by the useless thoughts of negative minds. Live a life that you’ll be proud of one day. Whatever you do, don’t give up on your dreams because a good-for-nothing left a demeaning remark on your work. We are in this together. Forever and ever!

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  1. KINDNESS says:

    Peaceful ๐ŸŒผ๐ŸŒผ๐ŸŒผ๐ŸŒผ

    1. Mojito With a Twist says:


  2. Very nice post! Negative comments can really crush one person. I believe that when you leave a comment it must be polite, to follow ethical standards and if you’re not agree with the author, you can describe why and how to improve his/her post or video, etc. That means for me constructive criticism!
    Congratulations for this amazing post!

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