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In I love you, send money: A wild adventure into online dating, Jordan M Alexander (the author) has shared true life experience of the internet dating era. Alexis, a single mom to two daughters, decided to take control of her romantic life. Sipping a glass of her favorite drink (wine) and wearing her heart on the sleeve, she went “on-the-line” in search of her perfect companion. When the online dating service matched her with James Norman, a railway consultant, she found herself thrilled beyond belief. They both fell in love way too fast over emails and MSN chat. Ignoring the blunt criticism of her skeptical friend (Edie) and her own commonsense, she chose to believe in love. She noticed many red flags along the way but decided to put the believer in her on the driving seat. But, was trusting in a man she never met in person a smart thing to do?

There were so many instances, where I wanted to shake Alexis vigorously and ask her to wake up and smell the coffee, I could not hold any of her actions against her. She was a woman in love, and James knew it. Her witty narration kept the book upbeat regardless of the dark turn of events. Out of the two of her friends, it was easier to like the romantic, Oliver and hate the cynic, Edie. However, with every dubious text of James, I could not help but wish for Edie to grab her superwoman cape and save Alexis from doing further destruction. Alas! Nobody can shake sense into a person in love.

Jordan M Alexander is a master of words. She has sprinkled her knowledge of various diverse topics throughout the book. Ranging from the scientific facts backing oysters as being aphrodisiacs to stereotypical sheep references to the references to tv shows and movies, she has included all the right ingredients to keep the readers hooked. And hooked, I was! I love you, send money: A wild adventure into online dating by Jordan M Alexander is a much-needed wake-up call for all eager-to-fall-in-love romantics, who ignore red flags, even if those slap them across their faces. Alexis’ story is the funniest possible version of the truth of online dating. Jump into love with all you have, but don’t ignore the facts and never ignore your gut.

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