Ellie, Everlasting by Isabel Scheck

Reviewed by me for Reader’s Favorite.

If knowing that Ellie, Everlasting by Isabel Scheck showcases Neverland as a real place, you have an image of an all fun and happy book, then you are very badly mistaken. Ellie, Everlasting goes too dark too soon. Yes, the plot revolves around Peter Pan, Tinkerbell, and other fairies, but it also revolves around Henry Hook, who establishes that no darkness is dark enough. The story begins with the murder of Ellie, an eighteen-year-old girl. She was a lively girl who was madly in love with her girlfriend Olivia. When Ellie is murdered, on earth, an investigation starts to find the murderer; while on Neverland, Ellie finds herself in front of all the people whom she assumed to be fictional ones, including Peter Pan. But something very dark is leaving no stones unturned in hurting people of Neverland and earth alike.

The imagination of the author is extraordinary. The story moves flawlessly from one twist to another leaving the readers awestruck with anticipation. Many characters kept making an entrance throughout the read, but all of them entered with certain purposes. It was easy to understand the thoughts and perspectives of the leading characters because the author ensured that each emotion was given words. There was certain darkness prevailed in all the chapters. The mood of the story was a bit gloomy, but the plot remained too intriguing to put down the book. My favorite character is Tinkerbell because of her fearless personality. She is a side character, yet her charismatic persona is too magnificent to ignore.

I would recommend Ellie, Everlasting by Isabel Scheck to the readers who love the combination of fantasy and action with a lot of suspense and a pinch of romance.

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