Cycles Of Hatred – Will He? by Linda Heavner Gerald #BookReview

Reviewed by me for Reader’s Favorite.

Although Cycles Of Hatred – Will He? by Linda Heavner Gerald is summarized to be about men who are misogynists, the plot is a web of various human emotions and life lessons. Laura and Lars were born into a very affluent family. At the surface, everything about these twins seemed absolutely normal; however, there was something absolutely evil lurking in the mind of Lars. He hated Laura to his very core. Laura was afraid of what Lars might do or say next to hurt her precious heart. When they were ten years old, a plane crash took the lives of their parents. This tragedy changed the living arrangements of Laura and Lars, for better or for worse. Laura started living with her aunt Sophia near Rome and Lars to boarding school in Philips Academy. This separation, however, could not remove Lars’ daunting memories from Laura’s mind.

The writing style of Linda Heavner Gerald is extremely impressive. There is a lot going on in Cycles of Hatred – Will He. Laura’s heart is scarred due to her own twin brother, but she refused to let the pain drive her life. She was hurt and unable to comprehend the reason for his hatred, yet she remained kind and trusting towards others. There is a life lesson in there for the readers to not let your pain drive your life; rather, embrace a life of hope and faith. The author is an amazing storyteller. She maintained and hinted little secrets throughout the read, and this tactic ensured that the reader would remain hooked till the end. The characters are very well-written. I could relate to Laura because I, too, try and see the best in people. Sophia is an admirable character, who defines class and sophistication.

I would recommend this book to the readers who enjoy reading drama novels with a lot of life lessons.

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