It’s Not Too Late Baby – A Kundalini Love Story by Eva G Kane #BookReview

Reviewed by me for Reader’s Favorite.

In today’s age when giving up on a difficult relationship appears the most logical solution, Eva G Kane has come forth with her memoir, It’s Not Too Late Baby – A Kundalini Love Story, of how she decided to work through the pain and emotional abuse to keep her marriage alive. When her husband, Adam, revealed that he was having an affair, Eva’s world came crashing down. However, when he talked about divorce, she could not wrap her head around it. She was not ready to give up on her marriage — definitely not now, after twenty-four years. Nevertheless, her determination to remain married with Adam was not enough, since he was not willing to open up. There were many questions that remained unanswered, which was not helping their situation. Meditation and Kundalini Yoga provided her with the right tools to remain focused and happy.

When I had picked up It’s Not Too Late Baby – A Kundalini Love Story, I had presumed that it would be filled with a lot of painful memories and several tidbits about Kundalini Yoga; nonetheless, I was wrong on both the parts. The author is an excellent storyteller, and she has shared her life in the most engaging manner. Her candid revelation about her parents’ broken marriage and Adam’s distant behavior has been an emotional and captivating read. In her hopes of saving her marriage, she realized that this is an institution of growth. Yes, it would have been easier to simply get up and quit, but the path that she chose proved to be an enlightening one.

Various quotes and lyrics throughout the book gave a glimpse into Eva’s feelings and helped in connecting better with her life. I would recommend It’s Not Too Late Baby – A Kundalini Love Story to every couple who is on an emotional rollercoaster ride. This book would not only provide an insight into various layers of a relationship but also prove to be a source of immense strength to face every struggle.

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