Something Old, New, and Crystal

Right now, while talking to her husband, Sahil, Zoya wasn’t sure if her life had started or reached a standstill after marriage. On the whole, he was a hard-working and generous man who didn’t have a wandering eye — a rare combination, if you ask me. Who am I? Well, you’ll know soon enough. For now, consider me a mind-reading fly on the wall.


Because her Guardian Angel says so!

Before you start wondering how do I know Avani so well, let me introduce myself. This may come as a surprise to you, but I don’t have a name. Now, for the bit that would either make you smirk or smile, depending upon how open you are to the idea of a Guardian Angel. Regardless of your opinion on the idea, I am just that. A Guardian Angel. We don’t have names. Generally, we address one another, which is very rare, by the way, by our respective child’s name.

#BookReview: The Pages in Between – A story of love, life & cocktails by Renay Jordan

Reviewed by me for Reader’s Favorite. Renay Jordan, the author, has explored the life beyond the boundaries of rights and wrongs in The Pages in Between – A story of love, life & cocktails. Lilah and Isabel are best friends. Lilah is a thirty-seven-year-old woman and has four kids: Ben, Michael, Veronica, and Maria. On…

Label Me Not #FridayReflections

When I came across the prompt of the week at  Friday Reflections Page — Do relationships need labels? — my brain went straight to a widespread rumor that was spread in one of my offices about my relationship status with my friend, who was also my teammate in that project. If you know me, then you…