Demeter’s Dream by Tony Thistlewood #BookReview

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Demeter’s Dream by Tony Thistlewood is a book that would stir up many emotions in its readers, including (but not at all limited to) intrigue, anger, confusion, faith, etc. The plot is a rare combination of Gods and Politics. It’s a big day for Dr. Paul Z. Dias, the current Secretary of the Department of the Environment and Agriculture. He is scheduled to talk about Operation Olympus in front of the important members of the cabinet, including the President of the USA, Conway Posey. The purpose of this new concept is to redistribute the wealth among the people in a way that nobody has too much, while the others are struggling to even get one proper meal in a day. However, before he could make it to the meeting, Paul meets with an accident and ends up in a coma, which puts Operation Olympus on hold. President Posey demands an investigation to find the cause of the accident and whether there are certain people who wish to kill Operation Olympus before it even begins.

On the other side of the world, God of Gods, Zeus, and his wife, Demeter are also concerned with the way the life on earth is turning out. They have even taken the measures to be personally involved with Operation Olympus. Nevertheless, this is not easy, since there is a conspiracy among Gods themselves to get rid of Zeus. The conspiracy is too deep to even the God of Gods to figure out.

Apart from being an intriguing plot, this book reflects deeply on the author’s empathy towards people who are struggling to even live a normal life. Tony Thistlewood is really worried about the way money is distributed currently in the society with some people having a house everywhere in the world while a majority can’t even afford a one-room apartment. His dismay towards this condition is well-injected throughout the book. However, the best part is that the author has written an amazing story around it. The story-telling is as effective and intriguing as it gets. It was almost impossible to put it down before finding out what was causing all the mayhem and what was Operation Olympus all about. One may or may not agree with his opinions, but every reader who enjoys political fiction would appreciate the book for sure. The characters are strong, opinionated, and very realistic, which adds a cherry to the already delicious cake.

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