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My Cursed Heart by Steve Zimcosky is a supernatural fiction that revolves around a curse that has been taking the lives of men of the protagonist’s family for generations. Well, at least that’s what he believes to be the case. In this age and time, who believes in a curse; however, the lead has very strong ground to believe so. Firstly, for generations, each man in his family has died at the age of 65 by a heart attack, and more importantly, he remembers that at the age of 10, he overheard his grandmother talking to his aunt about a certain curse on his family. With him being on the verge of turning 65, it is crucial that he either finds a cure for this curse or prepares for the inevitable.

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My Cursed Heart by Steve Zimcosky

The author has chosen the first-person narration in the story. The plot is captivating with the readers trying to wrap their heads around the possibility of a curse. The suspense of there being an actual curse remained for quite a bit. For a while, it seemed as if the leading character was on a witch hunt, literally, not knowing for sure whether there was a witch in the first place. Even his sister finds it difficult, if not entirely impossible, to believe his theory. All these factors contributed to making the plot believable and engaging.

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My Cursed Heart by Steve Zimcosky

The conversations are in an indirect speech instead of a direct one, which, in my opinion, has reduced the drama a tad. The book is a super quick read, which makes it perfect for those readers who cannot find time to read a long story. Other than the readers of this category, I trust that the people, who enjoy a quick supernatural story, would appreciate reading it.

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