7 Signs of Real Growth as a Human | Day 7 WTFOW #5

Are we really growing or just growing old? This is one question that continues to judge my whole existence mostly at my birthdays. I love hanging out with old people because of the light of wisdom that they shed. When they talk about what they learned in their life, I feel enlightened. However, this is not the case with every aged human being. Some of the people believe in holding on to their discriminating ways of life even after aging this much. I prefer banging my head against a wall than having a conversation with them. These are the instances in which I swear to myself that I am not going to just grow old; instead, I would grow wiser and really grow as a human being.

To me, these are the real signs of growth as a human being:

  1. Be Less Judgmental – Judging a person based on their choice of clothes, shoes, spouse or whatever shows a lack of maturity, no matter how old we get. We cannot know what drove a person to do what they did unless we have walked in their shoes. Of course, there are certain people whom we are bound to judge, like criminals, but we should try to resist this habit.
  2. Exercise Compassion – We are thinking, speaking, writing, and acting in the most compassionate manner possible. Our actions exhibit a touch of compassion in whatever we do. I came across one anecdote of Mother Teresa’s life, and I was instantly moved. As per the writer, once Mother Teresa gave shelter to a homeless woman, who was addicted to drugs  or something {sorry, don’t remember the tidbits}. Then, one day she stole some money from Mother Teresa; however, instead of handing her over to the authorities, she simply suggested that she forgot where she had kept the money. I am the worst story-teller, ever because now, I can’t remember whether it was money or something else. Let’s not get entangled in the specifics, and look at the message — for my own good. I am not suggesting that all of us can be as compassionate as the one and only Mother Teresa, but I believe that we can try and be more compassionate than we were yesterday.
  3. Give back to the Society – No matter where we live, we must help our society in becoming the worst possible version of itself. In saying this, I do not expect that we would quit our jobs and become a dedicated social worker. Even our smallest steps could make a big difference. For example, one could resist from littering on the roads and ask their friends to resist the temptation to do so 😉
  4. Treat others with Respect – Each one of us deserves to be treated with respect. Exceptions are always there, and we have enough sense to understand who those wandering-eyed fellows are. Let’s turn our backs on these exceptions for a while, and focus on others. When you treat someone with respect, you actually showcase your own divinity. “Learn to see God in everything,” seems a big saying, but when we embrace it in our lifestyle, we reach one step closer to becoming an evolved human being.
  5. Learn to Forgive – Some out of the world disgusting crimes aside, when we embrace the virtue of forgiveness for the rest, we become the best version of ourselves. The concept of forgiveness may seem quite simple, but it is definitely the most difficult attribute. Don’t be discouraged by my words. I am just stating something that I have observed in practicing the concept of forgiveness; however, many beautiful souls have found in their hearts to forgive even the most unforgivable crime. The author of Forgiving My Daughter’s Killer found it in her heart to forgive her own daughter’s murderer, then why can’t you forgive your best friend for marrying your ex? Just saying!
  6. Break the chains of Prejudice – This one is the most important of them all — at least, in my opinion. As long as we do not grasp the concept of not judging a book by its cover, our growth cannot be complete. The moment we hesitate befriending a good person due to their religion, ethnicity or whatever, we shatter a little piece of our own heart and growth. Let’s not be shallow!
  7. Appreciate Little Things – While aiming for the stars is a perfectly good saying, it is important to appreciate rest of the surroundings until we land in the stars. There was a time in my life (just a few months ago) when I was whining all the time by seeing the FB profiles of my close friends. Most of them were taking a trip around the globe, while I was sitting in my office cubicle. Not knowing what to do, I was arguing with my hubby every single day. Soon I realized that I am missing some good days of my life by crying over something that is beyond my control for now. Thank god for that moment of realization! Now I find myself smiling at the sight of moon and stars. I have been never been happier in my life 🙂

Age really is just a number! If we are not understanding what it really means to be a human, then what good does adding one more number to our age can do? I would love to know your own tips or stories of “being human.”

This post is dedicated to the 7th day of the Write Tribe Festival of Words.




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  1. siddatwp says:

    I agree with your thoughts especially never judge someone on the basis of their choices.

  2. Suzy says:

    Another great list. Forgiveness is necessary for peace of mind and appreciating all things is one of the keys to being happy.

  3. Rajlakshmi says:

    another beautiful and thoughtful post. These little things make our personality.

  4. Good Advice! Our world would be so different if we all followed it. Thanks.

  5. Survivor says:

    Change and growth are so painful. But it’s so necessary for us to evolve.–Sarah McLachlan

  6. Well-said….Age does not necessarily mean one has grown up.

  7. Ramya says:

    Agree with you. But, the art of forgiving seems difficult. I might have to mature more ☺

    1. OMG! I know. It’s easier said than done 🙁

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