Book Review – It’s in His Smile – A Red River Valley Novel by Shelly Alexander

Have you watched the kind of movies where the electricity between two people in love is so strong that the whole audience silently prays for them to get together? Well, then you are going to get the exact same vibe from it’s in his smile by Shelly Alexander. And like in those movies, Shelly has thrown her characters many curve balls to prevent them from getting cozy too soon. Miranda Cruz has been suffering the side-effects of having a mother, who had been with a little too many men. She wants the society to take her seriously and treat her with respect. Right from a very early age, she had started taking care of her younger brother while her mother was busy finding love. After years of waiting tables, she decided to become an entrepreneur. She accepts the proposal of buying an inn from an old lady named Bea, whom she considers closer than family. When Bea dies, Miranda decides to take the responsibility of arranging her wake all by herself. However, what she doesn’t realize is the fact that the presence of Bea’s handsome grandson, Talmadge Oaks, would make her a lot weak in the knees. The last thing on her mind is indulging in a romance with the guy who has no interest in spending time in Red River, but showing the light of wisdom to one’s heart has never been an easy task and Miranda’s heart is no exception to this rule.

I am amazed by Shelly’s skill of breathing life into her characters. The description of Talmadge is so vivid and intense that any woman would crave to meet him in person at least once. His desire to hold Miranda and spend his life loving her got me to pray for them to get together ASAP. Of course, Shelly had a different speed to make my wish come true 😉 His attitude and dialogues were another assets that drew me, as a reader, closer to him. Miranda, on the other hand, is portrayed as a very determined and strong woman. She knows her priorities and stands her ground. She is much more than just a pretty face. I loved how well groomed her character is! Needless to say, she is my favorite character. Oh yes, I said it. Although Talmadge is a hunk, Miranda’s right attitude towards life stole my heart. The supporting characters are all very well placed and beautifully written.

Both the story and the characters are believable. We all know at least one person whom we cannot resist. Talmadge is that one guy for Miranda and vice versa. The story has a fun and upbeat tone to it. There is light humor throughout the read. There are some “pants-ripping” funny moments, too. You’ll know the meaning of this expression when you read it’s in his smile. It’s not hard to see that the emotions of the characters are inspired by real life. Talmadge’s regret of not visiting his grandmother too often is quite relatable. Sometimes, in our pursuit of success, we seem to prioritize work over family. Sad, but true! On a different note, the lovemaking scenes are extremely graphic and intense. And after a long chase, if these scenes were any less passionate, many readers would have been disappointed.

I would recommend it’s in his smile to the readers who enjoy reading a steamy lighthearted romance filled with dramatic twists and turns.

P.S. I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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  1. anupampatra says:

    Hi Ankita,

    Yeah, we do want sometimes that two people on screen or on pages should find their happy ending. That’s why I began reading your review, cuz you began with a nice note.

    A well thought out review. I’m going for the book.

  2. Nice review….

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