Five Steps Towards Happiness | Day 5 WTFOW #5

In the fast paced life, we forget to be really happy. We don’t take enough care of ourselves and continue burdening ourselves with far-fetched goals. The measurement of true happiness is done on the basis of how much we earn and where do we stand compared to our peers. Being ambitious and wearing ourselves down are two separate things. Fast forward your life a good amount of years and look back at the life that you really lived chasing money and success. Do you think that you have utilized the gift of life to the fullest? Of course, the definition of true happiness varies from one person to another, but my idea of true happiness involves simple things. If I  couldn’t share a good laugh any day then I count that day as a total waste. There is nothing worse than being flat-faced all day long. However, the stressful daily lives tend to weigh us down with their neverending list of things to do. Then, our brain begins playing tricks on us by filling us with all sorts of what-if scenarios. What if I could not complete this task, today? What if I got fired? What if I didn’t get to go to onsite? What if I didn’t get that promotion I have been working hard for? What if my marriage didn’t last? What if I regret the decision of not having a baby? And the list goes on…

After losing my way over and over again, I have discovered that I must play tricks on my own head to give it an illusion of having a good time. As long as my heart is calm and head is thinking rationally, I could get anything done. Therefore, after reading a lot and analyzing many fascinating people’s lifestyles, I have come up with these five tricks to try and be happy –

  1. Health is wealth It truly is! Sometimes in our attempt to deliver things on time, we tend to overlook the impact it is having on our health. We tend to skip lunch to attend a meeting and then, forget all about having lunch because we need to work on writing down the minutes or whatever. You may not think that skipping a meal would hamper your health, but you are wearing your body down. Remember, as long as you are fit, you would be able to get a job. However, once you lose this precious thing, your employer would not think twice before firing you because you are not fit to work. I have learned it the hard way, but I have embraced this rule to my heart. I have failed to get some of my friends to follow this advice, but I would not stop from telling them about it until the thought finally sinks in their stubborn heads.
  2. Everything Happens at its Own Time – We can not achieve anything by being upset or going into a panic mode. “Slow and Steady wins the race,” is not a crappy saying. It is really true. One must set a goal and come up with a practical approach to achieving the same. Even if you don’t get there, at least you tried. I have seen many people being depressed over the fact they are not getting promoted in their jobs. It crushes my heart to see them falling into pieces and feeling demotivated. I understand the hopes and dreams attached to such things, but I wonder if these problems are worth losing sleep over. What would you achieve by being worried? Dark circles and wrinkles, probably!
  3. Laugh as if there is no tomorrow – This one is my favorite. Surround yourself with the people who have a good sense of humor and who are not embarrassed about laughing at their own failures. People with this attribute are the most inspiring of the lot. Laughter is quite contagious and good for a troubled heart. Remember to share a good laugh as much as you can because these are the moments that make memories.
  4. Be Gentle with Yourself – Don’t forget that you are only human. There would be days when you would not be at your best, but that doesn’t make you worthless. If you wouldn’t stand for yourself, who would? You might be having a series of bad days but these days cannot define who you really are. Just because everybody thinks low of you does not mean that you are less than anybody else. Be compassionate to yourself as you are with others. Keep evolving as a human being without being too harsh on yourself.
  5. Pamper yourself whenever you can – Every once in a while, spend some quality time on yourself. Whether you are a working mom or a single dad, do not forget to love and pamper yourself. There is nothing wrong in spending a tiny share of your hard earned money on yourself sometimes. Go shopping, hang out with your friends or just take a selfie 😉

Voila! These were my top five ingredients for a happy “me.” What’s your magic ingredient to living a full life?

This post is dedicated to the 5th day of the Write Tribe Festival of Words.



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  1. kalison0515 says:

    Number 4 is especially wise. Many people take failure very hard, and yet, that outcome provides the best lessons. Also, if you’re trying to be perfect at everything — good luck with that!

  2. WHat a great list! They’re so simple, yet we need reminding 🙂

  3. It’s a beautiful on post on simple ways to be happy. Life is, indeed, not a competition and let’s embark on a journey of self discovery and take things slowly.

  4. Vinay Leo R. says:

    I agree with your five steps, but most of all, with the laughter one. It’s so nice to smile and laugh, and also to see that that spreads to others around you. 🙂 Nothing as infectious as laughter, I feel.

  5. Rajlakshmi says:

    Great points there. I take the pamper-yourself part a little too seriously sometimes… and end up splurging… mostly on food 🙂 but well that makes me happy.

  6. Well-said…..and well-begun too…Health comes first – mental as well as physical…so does laughter and self-acceptance

  7. I believe you hit the nail on the head, I am working hard to have a simple yet meaningful life. It takes constant reminders to pay attention to myself and be mindful. I often get going and forget to do the simplest thing.. like eat. It makes a big difference. Like you said, a calm heart and rational mind are essential to happiness.

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