Revenge is Reason Enough

Isabella Steel brings forth a huge scoop of politics, conspiracies, murders, and media-jungle in Revenge is Reason Enough. When Congress shut down the government, they indirectly signed the murder warrant of the loved ones of many families. One such family were of Alex Conway. Having lost his wife a while back, his daughter was everything to him. When she fell ill, he rushed to the hospital, only to be informed that due to the shutdown, CHIP insurance was stopped. CHIP insurance would have provided the necessary treatment to his dying daughter. Subsequently, she passed away, leaving Alex burning with fury and vengeance. So, when a twist of fate offered him unlimited resources, he planned the best revenge for the untimely death of his daughter. Washington DC was burning with not only Alex’s revenge-plan, but also by the corruption, insensitivities, and follies of an incompetent President. Not just his staff but the whole country had become a laughing stock, courtesy of President Glass.

Even though Revenge is Reason Enough is fiction, it doesn’t take a genius to understand the inspiration of this political thriller. Through the characters, Isabella Steel shows a crystal clear reflection of the dead conscience of the politicians, the helplessness of the downtrodden, and the raging fury of the staff of a ridiculous leader. Alex Conway, the protagonist, is a killer, but the circumstances that converted him into one produce sympathy in the readers’ hearts. So, when the chase to find the conspirator, aka our protagonist, is underway, the audience prays for his harmless escape. Since his grief resonates with millions, if not billions, of people everywhere, Alex wins the sympathy of many. Dirty politics is the real pandemic tormenting the lives of everyone. Isabella Steel has touched that sensitive nerve in Revenge is Reason Enough, and this fact alone makes it a book worth the reader’s time.

The public paid in many ways, but the people responsible for the mess got their paychecks.

– An excerpt from Revenge is Reason Enough by Isabella Steel

Isabella Steel knows how to build tension. Every dialogue, every scene, and twist in Revenge is Reason Enough work together to achieve just that. Whether Alex is implementing a simple leak-the-proof-to-the-press strategy or planning a full-fledged murder conspiracy, his every move brings the readers closer to the edge of their seats. If the story was focused only on the cat and mouse chase of the killer and the cops, Revenge is Reason Enough would have been like any other crime thriller. However, the author is too talented for that. There are many threads that weave this book together. Isabella Steel takes deep dive into the politics, offering the audience the front-row seats to the drama of her version of senators, President of the USA, President’s chief of staff, the press secretary, journalists, and whatnot. The most delicious part of the whole storytelling is that Isabella Steel’s fictional characters and events hold an uncanny resemblance to the real world.

… two trails of white smoke streaked towards them. The two military men knew immediately what it was.

“Shit!” was the only thing Macklin got out of his mouth.

The missiles slammed into the golf carts, exploding, killing all of them. The noise was as deafening as was the silence that followed.

– An excerpt from Revenge is Reason Enough by Isabella Steel

The only thing standing between Revenge is Reason Enough and perfection is its need for a round of proofreading. Otherwise, this political thriller has it all: action, drama, intrigue, heavy twists, and emotions. As the line between right and wrong gets blurry, the readers find themselves pulled into the world where Alex is the judge and the jury. Revenge is Reason Enough by Isabella Steel is a book for readers who have an interest in politics and conspiracies (both murder and political).

Like so many politicians, Hempstead’s powerful friends had not destroyed the damaging information, only concealed it. Power and influence had a great equalizer: Money. You can always buy secrets.

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