The Society

The Society by C.G. Abbot, the first in Elizabeth Grant Thrillers series, unveils a shocking conspiracy led by a group of influential and powerful white supremacists fanatical about shoving their agenda down the throats of everybody in the US. The group worked under the title of The Society for a Restored America and carried out their unlawful acts silently. Little did they know that an apparently harmless woman named Elizabeth Grant would turn out to be their worst nightmare. Unaware of her significance, Elizabeth was suffering from the loss of her best friend, Loralie. Seven years ago, on a fateful night, Loralie went missing, never to be found.

Fatherless, Fearless, Female

Being born as an illegitimate daughter to a woman who was way ahead of her time, put Mary Charity in a complex position. As much as she wanted a father, her mother did not wish to be married. Finally, she accepted her reality and vowed to not let her own child, Billy, be raised without a father. However, fate intervened and she found herself a widow at an early age. Along with an unbearable emotional trauma, his death brought financial troubles in her life.

Shackled – A Journey From Political Imprisonment To Freedom by Adam Siddiq #BookReview

Reviewed by me for Reader’s Favorite. Shackled – A Journey From Political Imprisonment To Freedom by Adam Siddiq is his grandfather’s real-life narration of a very dark time in Afghanistan. The sufferings that his grandfather, Mr. Khalid Siddiq, endured are beyond my imagination. I was appalled, moved, inspired, and transformed after reading Mr. Khalid Siddiq’s…