Soul Strung by Rachel Hobbs

When a demon lord finds himself attracted to a mere human, the world is sure to be thrown into chaos and mayhem. Soul-Strung by Rachel Hobbs, the second book in Stones of Power, makes the readers privy to this incredible action, complicated passion, and intriguing wit. Drayvex, the demon lord, knew nothing about human emotion — or any emotion other than fury — until his paths crossed with Ruby. To say that she rocked his world would be an understatement of all time. Where the deadliest of demons trembled in his presence, Ruby challenged him with her clever remarks and unwavering defiance. He found it impossible to peel himself away from her thoughts. So, when another demon, Saydor, set his eyes on Ruby, the hell was sure to be unleashed. Destroying Saydor wasn’t a difficult task for Drayvex; however, finding him was proving to be a headache. To save her life, Drayvex must find the object that can turn back time. But, like most things, this wasn’t going to be a walk in the park; not when his sworn enemy, a fae, was protecting the said object.

But this girl had a history of making him look weak. Him, Lord of the entire demon scourge, first-born pure blood spawn of the late Cannibal King. An arsenal of ancient power in his possession and a dozen hard-won titles to his own name. And he had failed her the moment he let Saydor slip away with his life. Little had Drayvex known then, this was the first in a long line of toppling dominoes.

– An excerpt from Soul-Strung by Rachel Hobbs

Fans of the Netflix series Lucifer and the Hollywood movie Twilight will have a jolly good time with both the books of Stones of Power series: Shadow-Stained and Soul-Strung. The words “… lion fell in love with the lamb” of Edward from Twilight resounds in the echoing dilemma of Drayvex. How could he, the demon lord, who feels no remorse in destruction, fall for his prey, Ruby Red? Moreover, his witty comebacks, breathtaking smirk, and formidable authority over the deadliest creatures will remind Lucifer fans of their star. That’s where the resemblance ends. The plot of Soul-Strung has the clever imagination and witty writing of its very talented author, Rachel Hobbs. She has woven a web of mind-blowing twists to keep the readers engaged and on the edge of their seats until the very last word.

She, herself, didn’t understand this thing that was her and Drayvex, growing like a swathe of deadly nightshade over her life. So how could anyone else?

– An excerpt from Soul-Strung by Rachel Hobbs

Although Drayvex has everything working for him, our heroine, Ruby, is not a feeble character. On the contrary, she is headstrong and unafraid to voice her opinions. Putting up a fight for her beliefs is her strong suit. She uses her brain and acts accordingly. Many times, her plans come crashing down, but that does not squash her high spirits. Saydor, the villain of this Dark Fantasy is not as formidable as the demon lord; however, his sneaky attacks impart the fear of the unknown in the readers. In terms of side characters, not many of them leave a mark, but that is only because the author has put her focus entirely on those who are the most useful to the plot.

All of a sudden, an invisible hand grabbed her by the trroat. Ruby choked, her head hitting the wall behind her as something squeezed wih a firm grip. Her head scrambled.

– An excerpt from Soul-Strung by Rachel Hobbs

Rachel Hobbs has equipped Soul-Strained with unforgettable action scenes. The nail-biting edge of these scenes will leave the audience gasping for breath. After all, losing one’s favorite character to a despicable demon is not at all worth it. And yet, the intensity of these scenes creates the fear of just that. Besides action, the contradictory emotions of Drayvex and Ruby inject a delicious passion into the story. Their mutual reluctance to fall in love with each other gives rise to a storm of emotions, binding the audience as though by a spell. Rachel Hobbs gives her characters enough room to grow and surprise the readers. The perfect timing of twist after twist ensures that the plot never goes dull. On top of it all, the author has done a spectacular job of writing lively and scintillating conversations. The witty banter between Drayvex and Ruby leaves a lingering smile on the lips of the readers.

“You want to have your pey and eat it.”

Rby blinked once, staring straight ahead at the wall. “I … what?/” She turned her head towards him and frowned. “You mean my cake?”

Drayvex wrinkled his nose. Please. “You see many demons raiding bakeries? No, I don’t mean a pissing cake.”

– An excerpt from Soul-Strung by Rachel Hobbs

Although Soul-Strung has clues about the significant events of the previous book in the series, reading Shadow-Stained before jumping to Soul-Strung will guarantee the best possible entertainment. Since the end of Soul-Strung hints at another upcoming book in the Stones of Power series, this is the best time to pick up this series and catch up. I highly recommend this series to readers who enjoy dark fantasy with a fearless hero, strong-headed heroine, complicated romance, and mind-blowing action.

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