The Liar Next Door

Thanks to the author, publisher, and Netgalley for providing the ARC of The Liar Next Door by Nicola Marsh.

The Liar Next Door by Nicola Marsh begins with Francesca, aka Frankie, and her perfect life. At the outset, her life with her husband, Andre, daughter, Luna, and her successful vlog career appears perfect. Once the audience manages to peek through the many layers of perfection, at the core, none of it is perfect. Andre had cheated on her, and although she took him back, in her heart, she is unable to trust him completely. With that suspicion lurking inside, the cost of keeping a flawless front for the world is taking a toll on her. Unaware of her internal conflicts and turmoil, her new neighbor, a single mother named Celeste, envies Frankie for her lifestyle. For the sake of her daughter, however, she attempts to bond with Frankie. It’s crucial for her that her daughter, Vi, forms a connection with Luna. Nevertheless, when Frankie learns about Celeste’s dark past, she finds herself conflicted about allowing this friendship to blossom. Unbeknownst to both of them, another scandal is on the brink of revealing itself. Their neighbor, Saylor, both married and pregnant, is finding herself in a very peculiar situation. As much as she loves her husband, she cannot deny the strong feelings she has for one of her neighbors. One thing is common amongst them all: none of them seem to trust Celeste completely.

Having a steady income stream of my own is important to me and I can’t afford to lose it, which means I need to be careful, keep smiling for the camera, pretending I’m well put together and in control when I’m nothing like it on the inside.

– The Liar Next Door by Nicola Marsh

Nicola Marsh has woven a tale of delicious scandal, complicated marriages, complex human emotions, and the joys of parenthood. Behind these embellishments, however, lies a twisted thriller. Everything from the engaging dialogues to intriguing narration with gripping twists ensures that the reader remains hooked to the story. The author provided the audience enough motivation to keep looking. Whether it was Celeste’s dubious behavior or Saylor’s mysterious blackmailer, there was just the right amount of drama to keep the pages flying. The joy of reading the thriller could have increased by manifold if the suspense was concealed more conscientiously, making it harder to guess. Even so, The Liar Next Door is a fast-paced thriller that will make it almost impossible for the readers to put it down.

Because that’s the thing about making dreams come true. Sometimes, they turn into nightmares.

– The Liar Next Door by Nicola Marsh

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