To Reap the Spirit

I have reviewed To Reap the Spirit By Sarah Lampkin for Reader’s Favorite.

To Reap the Spirit by Sarah Lampkin is the third book in The Dead Dreamer Series. Being a dead dreamer, Brenna is technically dead, but she has made peace with her soul leaving her body every time she closes her eyes. She has figured out many hidden facts about the fade — a place where demons, fairies, and spirits exist. Additionally, she has also continued releasing demons by breaking seals; this is something that the Gatekeepers and Guardians of the Keepers do not approve of. Yet, Brenna feels that breaking the seals is the only way to maintain balance and prevent the brutal deaths of humans at the hands of fairies. Her defiance and Guardians’ belief in their theories have resulted in some deathly repercussions for Brenna. As the level of danger increases for her, she struggles to maintain even a semblance of sanity and normalcy.

Although more elusive, the fairies were merciless creatures to behold. During the nights of the quarter or new moon, they would hide in the shadows of the Fade.

When the seals were no longer present and things were normal, the fairies and demons seemed to exist peacefully alongside the living. There were no mysterious deaths, accidents, or even disasters to speak of. Humans carried on with their lives, as did the creatures hidden from sight. Yet, when the demons were sealed away — essentially trapped behind their doors — the fairies would become frenzied and bloodthirsty, slaying anyone who crossed their path.

– An excerpt from To Reap the Spirit by Sarah Lampkin

Sarah Lampkin has defined clear and relatable characteristics for each of her characters. Whether it’s Brenna’s impulsive behavior or Aeria’s protectiveness, the audience can predict each character’s basic nature. This predictability helps in forming a bond with the people and the story. Many well-placed twists grip the readers to the pages of To Reap the Spirit. Sarah Lampkin, the author, has woven the true meaning of friendship and family in the tapestry of the plot. The patient and clear description of the intricate worlds of fade and veil has been another praiseworthy aspect of the book. However, the repetitive mention of “tongue ring” and “bridge of the nose” could have been avoided to enhance the storytelling.

Either way, I wasn’t sure if I should feel comforted in the fact that I seemed to be the only one with the homicidal/ suicidal soul. The thought of it made my stomach hurt, and not internally. The scar around my stomach tingled at the thought. Unconsciously, my hand reached to lightly trace the circle, remembering the moment Maura’s arm impaled through me.

– An excerpt from To Reap the Spirit by Sarah Lampkin

Overall, the readers of the Paranormal category of the Young-Adult fiction genre will enjoy the engaging story of Brenna in To Reap the Spirit by Sarah Lampkin. Even though the author has tried her best to fill in the important details from previous books of the series, I would still recommend reading the first two books of The Dead Dreamer Series before indulging in this one.

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  1. Unishta says:

    I’m not into YA and definitely not the paranormal. The normal itself is quite bizarre these days

    1. You said that right 🤦

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